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PaperDirect’s marketing tips will give you insights to promote your business needs to round out a unique marketing mix for the “four Ps”: price, place, promotion and product. Following our marketing tips will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls many companies fall into. Some key areas where you should implement your marketing message are:

* Sales Message & Promotion – through flyers and trade shows
* Advertising & Direct Marketing via banners and door hangers
* Packaging & Merchandising with great displays ideas to convey marketing messages

How to Balance your Day Job with your Side Business

The cliche about not giving up your day job often turns out to be solid advice for business ventures that net little or no profit. Unfortunately, juggling a traditional 9-to-5 gig with a side business can be incredibly difficult, particularly … Continue reading

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How to Zero in on Your Target Market

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Your company may have the potential to help a lot of other businesses, but you’re not likely to effectively reach them unless you zero in on your target market. You can do this with some helpful tips that make it … Continue reading

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6 Low-budget Ideas to Perform Market Research

While performing market research has gotten pretty “high tech” in recent times, with algorithms and analytics bringing business intelligence over mobile devices, there’s something to be said for getting back to basics. Some of the best ideas to perform market … Continue reading

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Five Things Not to Do in Your Cubicle

Nostalgic employees love to complain about today’s casual workers and their complete lack of respect. If you’re engaging in one of the following obnoxious cubicle activities, have some compassion for your coworkers and cut it out! 1. Taking Selfies Everybody … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Promotional Potential of Quirky Holidays

Christmas, Halloween and Easter can all be promotional gold mines, but when the standard holidays are far away, it never hurts to come up with a few new and unusual holiday marketing prospects. Instead of sticking with your tired holiday … Continue reading

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How to Get Customers to Your Business Open House

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An open house can be highly beneficial for your company’s local reputation; not only will it rapidly increase your number of contacts, it can easily show prospective customers or clients the basics surrounding your personal philosophy and approach to business. … Continue reading

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DIY Marketing Materials: When You Benefit by Printing It Yourself

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Are you looking to make a great impression when introducing yourself to prospective customers and clients? There’s no better way to start your relationship off with a bang than with a set of well-crafted promotional materials. The ideal business card … Continue reading

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Employee’s Pick: 5 Favorite PaperDirect Mailers

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Our employees at PaperDirect believe in our products and have found success utilizing them in their own circumstances. These are our favorite five mailers from the employees here at PaperDirect, whose job it is to get you the highest quality … Continue reading

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Tips for Designing a Promotional Flyer

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Promotional flyers remain an effective way to draw other companies and businesses to your own. You can master the art of designing a promotional flyer by focusing on several key elements that can really make your flyer stand out. Some … Continue reading

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Does Direct Mail Still Work in 2014?

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While the world’s fascination with digital everything may seem to be making direct mail obsolete, don’t toll the bell for direct mail just yet. True, social media marketing, email campaigns and other forms of digital communication have seen a rise … Continue reading

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