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PaperDirect’s marketing tips will give you insights to promote your business needs to round out a unique marketing mix for the “four Ps”: price, place, promotion and product. Following our marketing tips will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls many companies fall into. Some key areas where you should implement your marketing message are:

* Sales Message & Promotion – through flyers and trade shows
* Advertising & Direct Marketing via banners and door hangers
* Packaging & Merchandising with great displays ideas to convey marketing messages

Employee’s Pick: 5 Favorite PaperDirect Mailers

Pursuit Brochures by PaperDirect

Our employees at PaperDirect believe in our products and have found success utilizing them in their own circumstances. These are our favorite five mailers from the employees here at PaperDirect, whose job it is to get you the highest quality … Continue reading

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Tips for Designing a Promotional Flyer

Color Bazaar Border Paper

Promotional flyers remain an effective way to draw other companies and businesses to your own. You can master the art of designing a promotional flyer by focusing on several key elements that can really make your flyer stand out. Some … Continue reading

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Does Direct Mail Still Work in 2014?

Aquamarine Postcards by PaperDirect

While the world’s fascination with digital everything may seem to be making direct mail obsolete, don’t toll the bell for direct mail just yet. True, social media marketing, email campaigns and other forms of digital communication have seen a rise … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas

Sassy Shamrocks Newsletters by PaperDirect

Holidays represent a golden opportunity for businesses. Using the right marketing approach, you can create holiday promotions that motivate your consumers to make purchases they may not have considered otherwise. Holiday promotions can also be useful if you’re trying to … Continue reading

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5 Business Expenses You’re Wasting Money On

Renaissance Standard Certificate Paper by PaperDirect

As the New Year gets going, you might be looking for ways to reduce your business’ expenses to help improve your bottom line. Getting your business’ budget in order can be tough, especially in leaner times. For starters, try cutting … Continue reading

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ASAP, FYI, IDK: Which Acronyms are Safe to Use in Business — and When!

There are some acronyms that are safe to use in business communication and some that aren’t. Learning which ones you can use in your business communications will reassure you and your employees when you go to draft an official email or … Continue reading

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10 Cutting Edge Hair Salon Marketing Ideas

Woman Red Lipstick Business Cards by PaperDirect

Running a successful hair salon requires a lot more than the ability to know a good haircut from a bad one. Anyone who’s been in the business longer than a week can tell you that marketing plays a huge part … Continue reading

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5 Small Business Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

Sweet Surrender Valentines Border Papers

Cupid is known for promoting love on Valentine’s Day, but the winged cherub is also a savvy and skilled business marketer. Valentine’s Day is second only to Christmas in terms of retail gift giving, with consumers spending 16.6 billion on … Continue reading

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8 Outside the Box Networking Tips

Click for Details: Pursuit Purple

Your connections matter. Business isn’t just about having specialized knowledge or skill; it’s about using those things productively in relationships with your colleagues, prospects, and customers. Networking is a great way to establish those relationships, and it doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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5 Common Punctuation Mistakes and How to Never Make them Again

Running a business requires a lot including wicked sharp financial smarts, awesome people skills, and killer marketing savvy. But did you ever stop to think that having good grammar skills is also critically important to the success of your business? … Continue reading

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