8 Church Christmas Programs that Rock Around the Christmas Tree

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Bethlehem Star Programs by PaperDirectLooking for a church Christmas program? Here are 8 plays and services that really rock:

1. “No Room in the Inn”

The script for this play is free. This play is a comedy and offers a unique perspective on the birth of Christ. An overworked manager and his employees try to deal with the enormous number of people who have returned to their place of birth (Bethlehem) to be counted and taxed at the order of Caesar Augustus. The inn is full so the manager allows Mary and Joseph to stay in his stable.

2. “Getting, Giving and Gloria”

The script for this play costs $12. This play centers around three teenagers who continually remind their parents what gifts they want for Christmas. These teens take their Christmas lists to a completely new level as they talk about their wants continuously, leave notes, send messages, etc. They make fun of a homeless girl (Gloria) who lives under a bridge. Their parents punish them by refusing to buy any Christmas gifts.

3. “A Christmas to Believe In”Holy Angel Specialty Programs by PaperDirect

This play is free. It has two narrators, one of which does not believe in Christ. The first narrator decides to tell the second narrator the story of Jesus’ birth to help him believe. The narrators do the majority of the talking in this play while performers act out the Nativity story on the stage. Performers do interact with the narrators on occasion. In particular, Mary speaks to narrator two asking him if he believes periodically throughout the play. In the end, narrator two believes.

4. “Christmas Hope”

This is a free play. A widowed mother deals with financial hardship. She is saddened at her inability to purchase the expensive gifts that her children want for Christmas. As she is laying out her favorite decoration, the manger, she begins telling her children the story of Jesus’ birth. In the end, her children realize that Christmas is more about Christ than it is about the gifts received.

5. “Someone is Coming to Our House”

This puppet play is free and tells the Christmas story from the perspective of the animals in the stable. A pink flamingo named Gabby busily prepares for Christmas until her friend tells her another way to prepare for a special someone. Gabby sings snippets of Christmas Carols throughout the play.

6. “Special Delivery”

This play asks the audience to follow a delivery person on his route. These deliveries are bound for various recipients including wisemen and angels. The deliveries add a bit of fun as the wisemen receive their order for gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh and the angels receive the song that they found on the Internet, “Glory to God in the Highest.” The special delivery is the newborn Savior. There are two versions available a 20 min version for $30 (plus shipping) and a 40 min version for $40 (plus shipping).

7. “What can I Give?”

This is a free Christmas Pageant with two participants. The participants open five presents during this skit. Each box has a different word in it – hope, peace, joy, faith and finally love. The lesson is that Christmas gifts are nice but we should appreciate the five gifts that God gives us every day.

Mother Mary Specialty Programs by PaperDirect8. “A Traditionally, Untraditional Christmas Pageant”

This pageant has two readers and an array of costumed performers. The readers offer a comedic undertone as they bicker about the traditional story of Christ and biblical literalism. This pageant embraces the birth of Christ and delves deeper into the purpose of those at the manger.

Creating your own church Christmas programs is easy as long as you have the right tools. Choose one of the plays or pageants above and use the template below to create your program. Choose a beautifully crafted Christmas border paper like those found at PaperDirect to give your program the ‘pop’ it needs to attract attention. With PaperDirect, planning, choosing your design and creating your program is fun, quick and easy.

Church Christmas Program Template

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