20 Office Products That are Actually Awesome

Office Fun

Work is called work for a reason. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of amusement with these 20 fun office products.

Stress Cupcake

Stress cupcake

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The squeezable, stress-beating cupcake lets you indulge in your favorite stress-beating goodie without piling the pounds.

Hat Pencil Erasers

pencil eraser hats 3   PaperDirect Blog

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Top off your pencils with class with a stylish set of pencil erasers. Plop on a derby, bowler or top hat to fit the mood of your mistakes.

Ridiculous (and adorable) USB’s

sweet piggy drive

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Never worry about hogging all the USB ports on your computer again. Add a few extra with the mama pig USB hub; store your info on the little piggy flash drives.

Like and Dislike Stamps

facebook stamps

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Ever wish you had a Facebook-inspired set of Like and Dislike stamps to offer you opinion on the stuff you were just handed? Now you do.

Rx Mug

rx coffee mug

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We. Need. Coffee.

USB Humidifier

usb ducky humidifier

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Getting dry in your office? Throw this little guy in a cup of water and increase the moisture in the air.

Putty Electronics Cleaner

keyboard putty

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This amazing putty pulls dust, crumbs and debris out of your keyboard and electronics.

World’s Strongest Coffee

strongest coffee

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Yeah, we’re gonna need this.

Cupcake Notepad

cupcake notepad

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Retro Mouse Pad

retro mouse pad

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Web research may go more smoothly when it’s guided by the spirits. Perhaps a personalized, motivational mousepad will do.

Maki Pushpins

make pushpins

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Let this set of pushpins keep your office bulletin board perfectly aligned.

Desktop Bell Reset Button

reset button

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Having one of those days where nothing is going right? Start over at any time with this handy desktop bell reset button.

Desktop Catapult

desk catapult

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Start a friendly fight (and conversation!)

A Day at the Beach

zen sandbox

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Instead of your typical zen sandboxes.

Fluorescent Light Cover

light cover

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Sit underneath a strong fluorescent light? Cover it up with a cool film.

Executive Decision Maker

executive decision maker

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Need a bit of help making tough decisions? Let this executive decision maker do it for you!

Emoticon Desk Chart

emoticon desk chart

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Showcase your emotional state in an instant with this handy emoticon desk chart.

SomeEcards Desktop Calendar

someecards work

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Laugh everyday with SomeEcards calendar.

Queen of the Day Inflatable Crown

inflatable crown

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Don’t have an employee recognition program? Start one by awarding an employee king or queen of the day. Recipients get to leave at 4:30!

Not only can these fun office products get a few laughs, but these and other motivational gifts can help spur employees to do a super job.