Why Branding Your Business is So Important

Designing Your Business Communication

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Branding your business is paramount to its success, but it must be branded smartly. Small business owners often make the mistake of putting branding on the back burner while funding and project development are the main foci. This often ends up being a mistake because branding is the key to a business’ success. You should think of your brand as…

Clear Consistent Communication: Understanding the importance of Branding Your Business

Designing Your Business Communication

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Each day we’re bombarded with branding from hundreds, if not thousands of companies in virtually every way possible. We’re visually assaulted on our televisions, newspapers, magazines and internet sites. We drown in audio from television, radio and more internet sites. Even when we use products like a razor or deodorant, the first thing we usually notice is the branding. Obviously,…

Choosing the Right Font for Any Occasion

Designing Your Business Communication

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Every day we look at fonts of all types whether we realize it or not. A font is defined as “a complete assortment of type of one style and size”. In other words, a font is the letters you see that makes up the words you read. Whether you’re reading a newspaper or book, looking at emails or even the…

5 Genius Ways to Brand Your Business

Designing Your Business Communication

When it comes to branding your business, there are dozens of ways to do it. However, most of those ways are the same ways everyone else is doing it. What you’ve got to do is use your imagination and a little bit of genius to exploit existing ways to brand your business that other people aren’t doing. Here are a…

How to Apply Strategic Branding In Your Business

Designing Your Business Communication

When you say the phrase “name brand” you probably have about a dozen names flash through your mind. McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Firestone, Wal-Mart and several other company names pop into your head in a fraction of a second. That’s because these companies have spent millions of dollars in order to have those brands exposed to the level that they’ve become household…