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Certificate Seals

Everyone loves receiving a certificate honoring them for their achievements, whether it names them the employee of the year or the star of their intramural kickball team. If you're designing a certificate to commemorate a winner in your life, add an extra boost of pizazz with a certificate seal. The shiny gold, silver, and colored seals will make the recipient proud to display their award above their desk or at home.

Highlight their teamwork with a shiny gold medallion or acknowledge their international contributions with a glowing globe. No matter what the certificate is commemorating, PaperDirect has the perfect certificate seal to complement it.

If your employees, teammates, or friends deserve a gold medal, give it to them with a certificate seal. Browse eye-catching options below.

Santa Foil Seals

Price: $7.99

Star Mini Seals

Price: $4.99

Baroque Luxury Seal

Retail Price: $10.99
Our Price: $8.99

Snowman Foil Seals

Price: $7.99

Smiley Ribbon Embossed Seals

As low as: $11.99