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Frame Your Message with Stunning Border Designs. Now creating gorgeous, full-color pieces is as easy as changing the paper in your desktop printer. Custom Flyer printing from PaperDirect features beautiful border designs, our

Brochures are one of the most important offline marketing elements of your advertising campaign. Brochures are powerful offline marketing tools that can give a huge boost to a marketing campaign if it designed properly.

PaperDirects’ professional online brochure design tools will help you create a great marketing piece. An effective brochure includes brief and catchy headlines on every panel which is very effective on our 3-panel tri fold brochure paper. Make your brochure read easily with short 2 – 3 sentences paragraphs with bulleted or numbered lists underneath each headline like the bulleted list above. Your reader’s eyes focus on text that can be scanned not read word for word. Add a persuasive call to action with a free or trial, coupon or test drive of your product or event to invite your prospects to contact you now.

Effective business brochures are an excellent vehicle to promote the brand image of an organization, so you need to make it look as notable as possible. It should have a clean outline and should not include over-the-top graphic elements in an effort to be unique. The goal of good brochure design is to establish a visual connection with the reader through the use of images, text and symbols. Since it is a compilation of a number of different graphical elements, you need to be a little careful while designing a corporate brochure or professional brochure.