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Seals are a wonderful way to add a professional touch to many stationery pieces. They add a nice, fancy touch to Border Papers, Letterhead, or LetterTop Certificates. Seals are also fun accessories for securing Envelopes, Programs, or Brochures closed. Choose from dozens of styles to match the season, special event, or your personal/professional preference.  Looking for Recognition Seals - Check them out HERE

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One of the most popular ways to use stationery Seals is to add a bit of flair to Envelopes. With hundreds of envelope and seal styles to choose from, it's easy to mix and match them for your business or personal mailings.
Another traditional favorite way to use Seals is for "Save the Date"  Invitations and Postcards. Stock up on lots of Seals for special events throughout the year like weddings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, graduation parties, tradeshows, and more.
One of the best ways to use Seals is as "just because" finishing touches on almost any type of Stationery. Add a Seal to Border Papers or Letterhead to accentuate your family or business letters; use Seals to secure Programs or Brochure closed; put a Seal on Thank You Cards; or match the seasonal design of your stationery with matching Christmas, winter, or Fall Seals.