7 Outdoor Team Building Activities Your Office Can Do This Summer

Office Fun

outdoor team building activities

Warmer weather can leave you and your teams itching to get out of the office, a perfect time to schedule a slate of outdoor team building activities. Not only do the activities give everyone a chance to enjoy the summer sunshine, but they can improve communication, build trust, and make work feel like play. Here are seven outdoor team building…

7 Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrations at School

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

teacher appreciation week

Teachers are the backbone of your organization. In fact, your school or university wouldn’t even be able to function without them! Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 8 to 11, giving you an ideal opportunity to show how much they’re valued. Check out seven ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week that leaves no doubt your teachers are cherished. Catered Breakfast or…

5 Unique Ways to Recognize Your Employee of the Month

Employee Recognition Ideas

employee of the month recognition

Naming an employee of the month is a great way to recognizing your top performers’ hard work and dedication to the company. With all the effort they put into their job, they deserve more of a thank you than their picture on the wall. Why not give your employees of the month a unique treat instead? Transform your employee of the…

4 Employee Reward and Recognition Programs That Work

Employee Recognition Ideas

employee reward and recognition programs

The primary goals of employee reward and recognition programs are simple: attract and retain amazing talent. So, we shower them with awards, praise, and tokens of appreciation to express our gratitude for their service and dedication. But, are we doing it right? And well enough? The research pros at Gallup, Inc. found, “only one in three workers in the U.S….

6 Awesome Volunteer Recognition Award Ideas

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

volunteer recognition award ideas

Volunteers are at the backbone of your organization. In fact, you might have a hard time running your organization without them. With Volunteer Recognition Day celebrated on April 20, you can show your appreciation with a lineup of volunteer recognition awards. Make your volunteer recognition awards extra special by choosing unique award titles that creatively highlight different claims to fame….

11+ Tips for Designing a Graduation Program

Designing Your Invitation

graduation program design

Everyone at the university is ready for some pomp and circumstance. To make graduation day even more memorable, prepare a detailed program that all guests will enjoy perusing and tucking inside a graduation keepsake frame or memento box. Not sure what to include beyond the event date and speaker schedule? We’ve got you covered when it comes to selecting the…

6 Unique Ways to Frame Your College Graduation Diploma

Student Recognition Ideas

college graduation diploma frames

Congrats! You’ve donned your cap and gown and been awarded your official college diploma. Now, it’s time to show it off. Whether it’s at home or the office, these college graduation diploma frames and display ideas are sure to turn a few heads. Showcase It in a Shadowbox Preserve several memories of your college years in a shadowbox. The thick…

Designing a Dean’s List Certificate: Tips and Tricks

Student Recognition Ideas

designing a deans list certificate

Making the Dean’s List is a big deal, and your school needs to produce a certificate worthy of the honor. While no national standard dictates what a Dean’s List certificate must look like and include, most schools follow a similar format to ensure they produce an official certificate that contains the essential information. Information to Include At the very least,…

17 Fun and Meaningful Award Ideas for College Students

Student Recognition Ideas

award ideas for college students

College can be an incredibly fun time for students, but it’s not without its challenges. Between juggling homework, theses, and job applications, your students are likely stressed out much of the time! While you can’t help them manage their busy schedules, you can acknowledge their hard work and unique quirks with some fun and meaningful awards. Try out some of…