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Honor the employees that have gone above and beyond on the work that they have done. There are many ways that you can honor employees for their achievements. Recognizing and celebrating employee achievements should be frequent for your company and should honor dedicated employees.  Frequent Recognition Continuous recognition for everything your employees do is a wonderful way to show that…

5 Signs of an Unhappy Employee (and how to turn them around)

Employee Recognition Ideas

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It’s no secret that happy employees are also more productive employees. And while your business should have incentive and advancement policies in effect to motivate and appease workers, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. No, sooner or later, you’re bound to run into some unhappy employees. The good news is that unhappy employees can easily be turned around if you…

3 Easy Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Employee Recognition Ideas

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As a manager, you’re aware that making your employees feel valued is simply good business practice. It increases productivity, improves the workplace atmosphere, and reduces employee turnover. While every employee would welcome a cash bonus or a promotion, these aren’t always within your power to offer, but these aren’t the only ways to show your employee that he or she…

10 Award Ideas for Tech and IT Employees

Employee Recognition Ideas

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The tech and IT team at your business works hard to make sure your computers stay functional and your company stays online. Since what your tech and IT employees do remains mysterious to many, their hard work and commitment should be recognized and rewarded. After, all without them, your business might be in the dark. Let your IT team know…

How to Reward Employees for Donating and Volunteering

Employee Recognition Ideas

Looking beyond your company to help others allows you to be active participants in your community and around the world. While many employees will be willing to donate and volunteer without any reward, offering incentives can help create positive emotions around the experience. Plus, recognizing and rewarding charitable activities helps develop a company culture where these activities are valued. Consider…

5 Low Cost End of the Year Staff Appreciation Ideas

Employee Recognition Ideas

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The holiday season is a good time to think about offering your employees some well-deserved positive feedback. Workers are motivated by many factors besides their paychecks, so even if you need to keep your end-of-year expenses down, you can find great ways to validate your employees’ hard work. Here are five staff appreciation ideas that will brighten the holiday spirit…