Tips for Junk Journaling Beginners


Did you know that the scrapbooking trend started in the 19th century? Back then, scrapbooking consisted of collecting and recording information about a family or individual in a decorative album. Scrapbooking is still around, but it has greatly evolved over two centuries, and in the mid-2000s Junk Journaling gained popularity.  Check out PaperDirect’s junk journaling page for even more ideas!…

12 Company Picnic Themes

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Company Picnic Themes & Ideas

If you need another excuse to blow off a Friday and spoil your staff, this is it! Host a company picnic to recognize your top employees and thank the entire crew for their hard work throughout the past year. And you know, a party isn’t a party unless it has a theme. Here are 12 unique company picnic themes and…

Top 5 Ways to Say “Thanks” to Employees

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Check out these 5 ways to thank employees.

Uncertain. Difficult. Challenging. You have probably heard these words used in abundance to describe these current times, but we can think of a better one: Thankful! Given the current climate we are living in, it’s more important than ever to show and express your gratitude to all of your employees. We have five ideas that you can implement right away…

Holiday Greetings

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Spread the holiday cheer with a beautiful holiday greeting card! Choose amongclassic, deluxe, elite, and premium holiday cards that you can send to everyone: friends, family, clients, and employees.  Classic Holiday Greeting Cards Send a festive holiday card to your coworkers or clients! These simple and beautiful greeting cards come with a full-color digital imprint, your choice of inside sentiment,…

The Perfect Summer Get Together

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The summer is great for bringing people together and having fun. The longer days and hot weekends come with pool parties, block parties, and employee picnics!  Block Party Nothing brings people together like food and fun, so fire up the grill and catch up with friends, family, and even clients! Invite the whole neighborhood over with stylish Invitations that will…

Elite Employee Recognition

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Honor the employees that have gone above and beyond on the work that they have done. There are many ways that you can honor employees for their achievements. Recognizing and celebrating employee achievements should be frequent for your company and should honor dedicated employees.  Frequent Recognition Continuous recognition for everything your employees do is a wonderful way to show that…

5 Positive Impacts of Recognizing Student Achievement

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Recognizing your students’ achievements has amazing outcomes. When you recognize individual student achievements with a tangible award, they will all feel appreciated and motivated to continue to work hard in the classroom. Awarding Good Behavior Awarding good behavior sets the foundation for your classroom and how your students should act. When students follow the rules of the classroom, you create…

Old School Rules That Don’t Work in a Modern Office


Old School Rules That Don't Work in a Modern Office

Times are a changin’. As your business reviews the employee policies and procedures manual for the new year, it might be time to ease up on some of the old school rules in the workplace. Modern offices are giving their staff some pretty cool perks — and they’re expected by your new recruits! Set Number of PTO and Vacation Days…

How to Establish Company Culture (and Why It Matters)


Company Culture

From small, local businesses to multinational corporations, every company has some kind of culture, whether it’s been established or not. The makeup of that company culture either develops on its own without any direction or can be managed and cultivated thoughtfully with goals in mind. Learn how to establish company culture that benefits your business and its employees. Cultural Statement…