5 Positive Impacts of Recognizing Student Achievement

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Recognizing your students’ achievements has amazing outcomes. When you recognize their achievements with a tangible award, they’ll feel motivated and appreciated to continue to work hard. Awarding Good Behavior: When you award good behavior you set the foundation for your classroom and how your students should act. When students follow the rules of the classroom, you create a safe learning…

Old School Rules That Don’t Work in a Modern Office


Old School Rules That Don't Work in a Modern Office

Times are a changin’. As your business reviews the employee policies and procedures manual for the new year, it might be time to ease up on some of the old school rules in the workplace. Modern offices are giving their staff some pretty cool perks — and they’re expected by your new recruits! Set Number of PTO and Vacation Days…

How to Establish Company Culture (and Why It Matters)


Company Culture

From small, local businesses to multinational corporations, every company has some kind of culture, whether it’s been established or not. The makeup of that company culture either develops on its own without any direction or can be managed and cultivated thoughtfully with goals in mind. Learn how to establish company culture that benefits your business and its employees. Cultural Statement…