10 Employee Service Award Ideas

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

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One of the best ways to ensure the success of your business is to secure the best and most productive employees — but hiring high quality candidates isn’t the only way to guarantee that you are going to get a good return on your investment. You need to reward your employees and show them that you appreciate their hard work…

10 Ways to Use Certificates to Reward Employees

Employee Recognition Ideas

An important part of working in human resources is proving to employees that they are both respected and appreciated. You don’t always have to spend a large portion of your budget in order to show your employees that you are grateful for the hard work that they do. It’s easy to learn how to use certificates to reward employees, and…

March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day–Honor Your Rock Stars!

Employee Recognition Ideas

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It’s almost the first Friday in March – are you forgetting something? Nope, it’s not your anniversary – phew! – or your youngest kid’s birthday, but it is one of the most important holidays of the year: Employee Appreciation Day! And that’s one holiday you don’t want to forget! After all, the success of your business depends in large part on…

Employee Anniversary Gifts to Start the New Year

Employee Recognition Ideas

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Start the new year off right by beginning the tradition of getting your employees a little something to mark their anniversary with the company. Beginning January 1, send the message that you care and that you appreciate their hard work by presenting employees with a gift on their date of hire anniversary. Employee anniversary gifts boost morale and raise productivity,…

Employee Anniversary Recognition–Appropriate Gifts

Employee Recognition Ideas

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Recognition of employees is something that supervisors, owners, and CEO’s must make time and effort for. Why? Because studies have shown that when employees feel appreciated and valuable, they tend to be more productive and are more vested in their company’s success. When it comes to employee anniversary recognition gifts, even those that are not expensive, are greatly appreciated. The…

Employee Anniversary Recognition: Let Your Staff Know You Care

Employee Recognition Ideas

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All employees remember the day they were hired, and it is important to acknowledge an employee’s dedication and service to you and your company on their anniversary. If you are an office manager who has been asked to come up with some employee anniversary recognition ideas, or if you own a business and need some ideas about how to recognize your…

Motivational Gifts Help Commemorate Employee Anniversaries

Employee Recognition Ideas

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Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that the employees of that business are the real backbone of the company. Product is important and so are customers but it’s the employees that sell the product, put the product together and get it out the door. Good employees are ones that stick with the company through thick and thin, doing…