Employee Anniversary Recognition–Appropriate Gifts

Employee Recognition Ideas

Recognition of employees is something that supervisors, owners, and CEO’s must make time and effort for.


Because studies have shown that when employees feel appreciated and valuable, they tend to be more productive and are more vested in their company’s success.

When it comes to employee anniversary recognition gifts, even those that are not expensive, are greatly appreciated. The smallest gesture can mean the world to hard-working employees, especially those who have worked for the company for several years.

If you’re struggling with ideas, here are some appropriate gift ideas to recognize a loyal employee’s years of service to your company.


Classic Appreciation

Certificates of appreciation, plaques, and trophies are very common anniversary recognition gifts.

These can all be personalized with the employee’s name, years of service and can be placed in the employee’s office for others to see.

PaperDirect has a large selection of employee certificates, plaques and trophies, and to jazz award certificates up a bit, we carry certificate holders and jackets, embossed certificate seals and frames to preserve their quality and make them last for many years.

We offer award certificate templates to assist you in design and printing certificate layouts.

Our free desktop printable templates format your certificate automatically, with preset margins, borders and tabs.

We also offer a certificate template CD with certificate headings for professional results. Whether you need one or one hundred certificates, PaperDirect’s desktop printable templates make certificate creation extremely fast and easy.

Personalized Gifts

If you’re looking for something more creative, PaperDirect has many motivational employee gifts including clocks, paperweights, pins, banners, and personalized gifts including key rings, business card holders, and mugs.


A great way to find out what gift to get your employees for their anniversaries is to learn a little bit about what they do in their free time.

For instance, if you know one of your employees is an amateur photographer, picture frames make a great gift. How about a gift card to their favorite restaurant or movie theatre passes for the movie buffs in the office?

Inexpensive Ideas

Employee anniversary recognition gifts that cost nothing, but that are greatly appreciated are “free” days off, long lunches, acknowledgement in the company newsletter, a small office pot luck luncheon, and public recognition at a staff meeting. Take your employee to lunch at his favorite restaurant or allow him to leave early on a Friday afternoon.

How about a work-from-home day, if his job allows it or a late arrival day? Employees loves little perks like this, and sometimes “privileges” are enjoyed more than a tangible gift such as a plaque or coffee mug.

Whatever employee anniversary recognition gift you choose, your employee will be appreciative, and the gift will show him that you recognize his contribution to the company.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on employee anniversary recognition, but it is important that you make the time and put forth the effort to honor the loyal employees who have been with you for as little as one year or as long as twenty years.

There is no worse feeling than thinking you’re not appreciated at work, so find out when your employees’ anniversaries are coming up and make some plans to recognize their great work and continued loyalty to your company.