Types of Invitation Cards: Which to Use and When

Designing Your Invitation


The date is set and now you are tasked with spreading the word about your event. But, what type of invitation will catch their eye, and most importantly, be appropriate for the occasion? We’ve got the inside scoop on four of our best-selling invitations!

Flat Invitations

These sleek, open-face invitations display information about your event at a glance, so they are easy hang on a bulletin board or post on a refrigerator. Designs in the invitation margins let the guests know if the event or holiday party is whimsical or elegant. Choose to coordinate your custom text font, color or graphics with the event colors for a personalized touch.

These invitations are best for casual weddings, save-the-date notices, and special events such as business grand openings, a child’s birthday, baby shower, or a potluck dinner party.

Send and Seal Fold-Up Invitations

If you love the idea of your guests unwrapping your invitation like a little present, a fold-up style works well. The all-in-one invitation (no envelope needed!) has space for event details and a tear-off response card, keeping the reply process simple. Our patterned papers make it effortless to coordinate the invitation with a holiday or theme.

Try these invitations for events that require an RSVP such as a graduation party, employee appreciation dinner, wedding with reception, catered dinner party, or fundraising event.

Pocket Invitations

When you must impress, elegant pocket invitations complete with monogrammed seals, gatefolds and color coordinating ribbons will help you make a statement. These colorful, layered paper invites alert your guests to an upscale event and may or may not include a separate response card, depending on the RSVP method requested (paper, phone, or online).

Choose these invitations for a formal wedding, commitment ceremony, rehearsal dinner party, bachelorette party, baby shower, awards ceremony, or milestone wedding anniversary celebration.

Folded Invitations

These classic invitations mirror a greeting card style, with a design, photograph and/or custom wording on the front and details about the event printed inside. If you need to provide extensive information, such as directions to the venue, a menu, a poem, gift registry location list, or biography of the guest of honor, folded invitations give you ample room. You can easily tuck inserts inside the fold, too!

Pick this style of invitation when honoring a special person, when you’d like to include extra information, or for a formal event where the invitation might become a keepsake, such as a wedding, milestone birthday, or adoption party.

Choosing the best invitation for your event is just a few clicks away. Browse our many paper patterns and invitation styles online today!