Holiday Greetings

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Spread the holiday cheer with a beautiful holiday greeting card! Choose amongclassic, deluxe, elite, and premium holiday cards that you can send to everyone: friends, family, clients, and employees.  Classic Holiday Greeting Cards Send a festive holiday card to your coworkers or clients! These simple and beautiful greeting cards come with a full-color digital imprint, your choice of inside sentiment,…

Give Back This Season: Writing Holiday Cards for Charity

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holiday cards for charity

You’ve shared your signature gingerbread cookies with your co-workers and helped the neighbors put up miles of twinkling holiday lights. If you want to keep the good cheer going, grab your extra greeting cards and create more smiles. Writing a few holiday cards for charity will remind both you and the recipient of the true spirit of the holiday season!…

7 Funny Office Christmas Card Ideas Even Your Boss Will Love

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office christmas card ideas

You could sit around making up holiday rhymes for your office card until the reindeer came home, but the true impact of a Christmas card often comes from the picture. A funny photo can transform what could be another ho-hum holiday card into a sensational greeting that keeps recipients laughing. Check out seven funny office Christmas card ideas for cover…

Business Thank You Messages: Examples for Christmas

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business thank you messages

This holiday season, you should absolutely plan on thanking the people who worked with you this year. Assuming you want to continue doing business into the next year and keep the mutually beneficial relationship going strong, a few select words is a simple gesture that will leave them feeling appreciated and humbled. Take the time to do it right and…

Christmas Messages from Teachers to Students

Christmas Phrases & Wording

Christmas Messages from Teachers to Students

Students are often the shining stars of your day, and the holiday season is a great time to let them know it. Sending a holiday card to your students shows them you care, can help strengthen your bond, and may even serve as a subconscious, cheery reminder that they have homework due right after Christmas break. Your holiday greeting cards…

Christmas Message Examples from Realtors & Agents

Phrases & Wording

Christmas messages for realtors

Realtors and agents are likely to have a sprawling Christmas card list, packed with names of new homeowners, prospective buyers, and even folks looking to lease or purchase office space. An ideal way to wish them well is with holiday greeting cards that feature an image and message that align with you or your company’s style, tone, and overall personality….

Christmas Message Examples for Your Church Holiday Cards

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Christmas messages for churches

Christmas is a time for glorious jubilation, and churches can easily spread that happiness to parishioners and friends with the perfect holiday greeting cards. These cards refer to those that have an image, tone, and message that mesh with the personality of your church. Whether your parish is known for being traditional, humorous, or clever and quirky, we have a…

Small Business Tip #8 – Holiday Cards

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The holidays are a perfect time to tell your customers how much you appreciate their business. Skip the mass email and make the note sincere. Send gorgeous holiday greeting cards!   Here’s how to tackle this small business task in five easy steps. Print a customer mailing list. Use decorative mailing labels to add a seasonal flare to plain envelopes….

6 Free Santa Letter Templates from PaperDirect

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Santa Letter 2

We are excited to present 6 free Santa letter templates for penning your message to the big guy in time for Christmas. Writing a letter to Santa has been a tradition in America for over a hundred years. Whether you decide to use these templates for your school classroom or just print one out for your kids at home, we…

ROI On Sending Christmas Cards

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The e-revolution has changed quite a few things in the business world. One of them is the reliance on ecards in the place of hard copy greeting in the small business world. Some argue the ecard value by saying they are free and fast, and you can send out as many as you want instantly. Now that e-greetings have become…

Small Business Tip #5 – Holiday Greeting Cards

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Small Business Tip #5 - Order Cards

Quick! It’s time to order your Christmas or holiday cards! Sending out Christmas or holiday cards to your business partners, clients, or customers should be a priority in the month of December. Don’t wait til the last minute and get stuck picking up flimsy cards from your local dollar store. Why Cards? Holiday cards are a tradition in business. They…

15 Thoughtful Holiday Card Messages for Businesses

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Sweater-inspired holiday card design

The holidays are the perfect time to express gratitude to customers, peers, vendors and anyone else who’s helped you reach your business goals throughout the year. Whether you have a list of 5 or 5,000, Christmas cards are an easy, inexpensive way to say “thanks” and to stay top-of-mind in the coming year. While it seems that everyone sends holiday…

Best Christmas Card Messages for Small Businesses

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Christmas is almost here, and with it, a rush of holiday greetings. As a business leader, it’s in your best interest to send a brief note to any important contacts, including clients, vendors and industry associates. When crafted correctly, Christmas correspondence offers these contacts a great reminder of your presence in the business community, while also bolstering their impression of…

The 12 Days of Business: Christmas Card Messages for Clients and Colleagues

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Connecting with your customers during the Holidays helps to spreads good cheer, shows appreciation, and creates goodwill. It’s also an excellent integrated marketing opportunity. Christmas messages for clients can convey your gratitude for their patronage and make them more likely to remember you in the year ahead. Whether you send out a letter, traditional cards or Christmas postcards, a warm…

7 Habits of Highly Effective Christmas Card Messages

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Highly Effective Christmas Card Messages

Creativity is appreciated when it comes to Christmas card messages, and a combination of sticking with tradition and tossing in a couple of unexpected surprises comprises the 7 habits of effective Christmas card messages. Tips for Christmas Card Messages:  Get Personal Don’t be shy about personalizing your card to include an authentic message straight from the heart. People are tired…

10 Corporate Holiday Card Messages That Don’t Sound Corporate

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

The holidays are a time of year when business owners start thinking about how they will craft corporate holiday card messages to show clients and partners they care about them and appreciate their business. The main challenge is in determining how to make each message sincere and professional, but not too “corporate.” If you can’t find the perfect card, don’t…

9 Tips for a Sparkling Business Christmas Letter

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Glee Tree Border Papers by PaperDirect

Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to create your annual business Christmas letter. This holiday season; take the time to really make it sparkle! Spice up your business Christmas letter and make it stand out this year with these nine tips: 1. Accentuate the Positive Write your business Christmas letter in a cheerful manner. Open with a positive…