How to Write Warm Christmas Greetings for Your Valued Clients

Designing Your Business Communication

Star Tree Deluxe Holiday Greeting Card by PaperDirectWhen you’re the one put in charge of writing the Christmas cards for the holiday season, it may seem to be a bit of an overwhelming task. You want to write warm Christmas greetings for clients and you don’t want to come off as sounding phony or impersonal. The best way to handle it is to start off with a great, high-quality card, such as the ones we offer, and then personalize it.

  • Pick a design that works with your holiday message, whether it’s religious or more neutral
  • Keep your language natural
    • If you sound stilted or too formal your message becomes impersonal
    • Write to your customers in the same way that you would speak to them
  • Thank your customers for their business over the past yearCrimson Thank You Deluxe Holiday Greeting Card by PaperDirect
    • Tell your customers clearly how important their business is to you
    • Express your desire to continue working with them
  • Take some time to talk a bit about your company
    • Let customers know what you’ve done during the year
    • Give them some information on what you hope to accomplish in the new year
    • Point out any big changes or improvements you may have made during the past year
  • Include a separate sheet on Christmas paper with cards that are too thick to work in your printer
  • If your business is small, mention customers by name
    • If you name some customers you should name them all
    • If you have too many customers to mention individually, don’t name anybody
  • Offer customers your wishes to them for a wonderful holiday season and a great new year
  • Use cards that are either professionally printed with your company name or signed by hand
  • Place your cards in high-quality envelopes – foil-lined envelopes usually impress customers
  • Cards can be heavier than regular letters, so check the postage before you send them
  • Get your cards to the post office in plenty of time to get to your customers before Christmas

Snowy Day Deluxe Holiday Greeting Card by PaperDirectRemember that while you may not have time to write an individual Christmas greetings for clients, to keep things warm and friendly your greeting should be relevant to all of them. Avoid focusing on events that many of your customers won’t know about and instead talk about those things that impact most, if not all, of your customers. Don’t forget that your customers’ very first impression is the card that you use; make it a great one.