14 End of the Year Company Party Ideas

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Looking for end of the year company party ideas? We have compiled 14 of the trendiest party ideas to help you ring in the new year in style at this year’s Christmas or holiday gathering.

End of the Year Party Ideas:

Comedy Show

Comedy shows are typically inexpensive if you buy tickets in bulk. These are sure to make everyone laugh out loud!

Murder Mystery Party

If you have a smaller company (under 30 employees) consider hosting a murder mystery party. These fun events have everything a normal party has – food and drinks- but gives also employees an interactive experience. Everyone can work together to solve the mystery!

Dessert Dash

One of our favorite end of the year company party ideas involves desserts. Rather than laying out a huge spread at the gathering, consider sending guests home with a carry out dessert box and a hot cup of coffee or cocoa to wrap up the event.

Poker Night 

Play for real or play for fun to raise money for a charity at casino-style gaming tables at this year’s event. Funds from chip purchases can go to a good cause, while winners can trade in chips for raffle tickets to win prizes.

Karaoke Fun

There’s no quicker or more cost-effective way to get the party started than by letting the staff loose with a microphone to sing along to favorite tunes.

Beer/Wine Tasting

If your crew loves craft beer or gorgeous wines, consider renting out a brewery or vineyard for a tasting. Just don’t forget to arrange transportation after the event!


Many companies have discovered the benefits of hiring a few wandering entertainers over one big headliner for entertainment. Think magicians, card tricks, comedians, and those offering engaging amusements where they interact with the guests.

Custom Cocktails

These can be alcoholic or alcohol-free cocktails. Simply hire a professional and have your mixologist whip up custom cocktail blends geared to honor the company. Or, you can simply change the name of a favorite cocktail that already exists!

Recognition Party

The most rewarding end of the year company ideas are those that reward the staff. It’s fun and easy to order printable blank certificates that can be transformed into an appropriate employee recognition to present at the party. And don’t forget other rewards, like lapel pins, plaques, and trophies.

Destination Parties

Maybe you want to “travel” to Hawaii or Paris. Hire a caterer to serve traditional foods and drinks of your favorite location- it will be like a mini vacation you give your employees.

Themed Parties

Cirque du Soleil, Masquerade balls, and classic Hollywood star parties are all in-demand themes; however, coming up with a clever theme or concept that relates to your company’s services or products will delight employees and their guests.

Ultimate Trivia Night

Have your business split into multiple teams at a local restaurant or bar. Do an office trivia (or whatever you want) and give the winning group a stellar prize- maybe cold hard cash to take home?

Post-New Years Party

If the end of the year is just too hectic, consider throwing a party in mid-January. It gives people something to look forward to after the holiday jolt is over.

Simple and Elegant

You don’t have to hire an entertainer to have a great end of the year party. As long as you provide a nice location and some drink tickets, your employees will have a blast!

Other Things to Consider:


Neutral colors and metallic hues are in, and more event planners are opting to use special effects lighting in lieu of costly floral arrangements within the decor.

Buffet Concepts

Comfort foods are back, and caterers are whipping up sophisticated twists on southern style classics for many company Christmas parties this year. Most in demand are gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches!

Location, Location

In-office parties have a tendency to make everyone feel “at home,” and because these gatherings are cost-effective, more of the budget can be spent on activities, entertainment, and those gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Disposable Cameras

Sure, capturing amazing moments at the part is essential, but it doesn’t take a professional photographer to do so. Add a few disposable cameras to each guest table and collect them as they are filled for developing and sharing later.

Guest Gifts

No party is complete without a take-home party favor; hence, why the dessert and coffee idea is so hot – it covers two essentials! Office bigwigs love offering personalized employee motivational gifts or other goodies to the staff.

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