How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Customers

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You know you have a great product or service. Your customers rave about how much they love it….once they finally buy. But you’re finding that it takes them awhile to make the purchase, and you can’t figure out why. Some days you even think about going back to the drawing board, revamping your product or rebranding your service. But the…

Slogans Made Simple: Free Tagline Generators

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Taglines and slogans can be essential to creating buzz around your business. Everyone knows Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. And of course, even after decades, most people can name the brand associated with “Where’s the Beef?” But coming up with even the most simple tagline can be a lot of work. Luckily, there are automated online tagline/slogan generators that can…

3 Effective Branding Strategies Online & Offline

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Whether you’re connecting to the world of social media or building your name the old school way, quality branding is an essential for your business. Without a detailed branding strategy, you’ll be stuck trying to sell a product or service that is less than memorable. Fortunately, if your current branding approach is less than spectacular, you can turn things around…

How to Make a Professional Company Letterhead

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A professional letterhead elevates your business communications and projects your brand. Modern tools and improved printer technology mean that it is possible to make professional letterhead right in your office. Choosing a Professional Font There are thousands of free and paid fonts available. Consider your business’s branding and image when choosing the one that is best for your letterhead. For…

5 Ways to be More Creative in your Business Communication

Designing Your Business Communication

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As a small business owner, it doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting a spring sale, a promotional giveaway, or sending a teaser about upcoming products, it’s important that every contact you make conveys a professional and consistent image. How you communicate is an integral part of branding. This doesn’t mean the brochures or greeting cards you mail out need to be…

How to Brand Your Business Online

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Because your brand is your company’s face, you want people to easily find you. You really cannot put branding on the back burner as many people do. Branding can actually be the key to your success, so here are some tips on how to brand your business online because branding online is absolutely imperative in 2013. One thing that all…

Business Cards Do’s and Don’ts

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As Forbes puts it, the business card can be the “entrepreneur’s best friend.” Business cards represent an inexpensive, yet powerful, marketing tool that puts your information out into the world — and into the hands of potential customers, employers, business partners, and other movers shakers in your network. That is, when it’s done right. When it’s done wrong, well… the…

Ways to Sustain Brand Consistency

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The Marketing Blog defines a “brand” as follows: “Emotional and psychological relationship you have with your customers. Strong brands elicit opinions, emotions, and sometimes physiological responses from customers.” Many people erroneously believe that a brand is a logo, but a brand is so much more than a company logo and tagline. A brand is everything that helps to define and…

How to Rebrand a Struggling Business

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The PaperDirect blog has included a great deal of information about what “branding” is when it comes to business, the importance of branding your business, and suggestions for branding your business successfully. If you have done your homework, have read what the experts say about branding your business and are still struggling, then maybe it’s time to considering how to…

How to Make Your Image More Professional

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People are constantly observing your behavior and making judgments about you, and if you’re a business owner or manager, your professional business image is very important to the success of your business. What, exactly, is your business image? Your professional image is the set of characteristics you possess that indicate your level of competence; it is the set of qualities…

Three Elements to Small Business Branding Strategy

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Many successful small business owners claim there are three key elements that you must have (and must do well) in order to successfully brand your business. PaperDirect knows that there is a great deal of information about small business branding strategy available on the Internet, so we have tried to find a few elements that most business owners agree upon….

Branding Your Business with Social Media

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If you are branding your business and have not yet jumped on the social media bandwagon, it’s time to do so. Social media is not going away, and if you’ve been intimidated by it or just plain don’t get it (like many new business owners), it’s not quite as daunting as it seems. Social media platforms such as Facebook and…

Small Business Branding Strategies that Work

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Small business branding platforms such as newspapers, magazines and radio ads as primary forms of advertising are no longer at the top of the list of effective means of small business branding strategies. Instead, in this age of everything-electronic, effective small business branding strategies mostly involve online marketing methods. With Internet marketing having grown exponentially in the last ten years…

Content is King When Branding Your Business

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If you are familiar with Web site creation and maintenance, you may have heard the very common saying, “Content is King.” That simply means that content is the most important aspect of your Web site when it comes to being ranked by the search engines. If you don’t have well-written, original, optimized content, then your site will most likely be…

4 Tips to Brand Your Business

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In this competitive economic market where each and every business is struggling to survive, you have to take steps to brand your business and make your company stand above the rest or you simply won’t succeed. With Americans having limited funds to spend on non-essentials, your business must provide something that your competitors do not. These tips to brand your…

Why Branding Your Business is So Important

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Branding your business is paramount to its success, but it must be branded smartly. Small business owners often make the mistake of putting branding on the back burner while funding and project development are the main foci. This often ends up being a mistake because branding is the key to a business’ success. You should think of your brand as…