10 Quotes for Wedding Ceremony Programs

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A paper wedding program lets your guests know the order of service and who’s who in the bridal party. Many couples like to include a quote or two in the program that succinctly and romantically sums up how they feel about each other. Here are a few ideas for famous romantic quotes for wedding ceremony programs. 1. Aristotle The ancient…

Last Minute Wedding Programs!

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Daisy Dots Programs by PaperDirect

Weddings can be stressful! When it’s your job to plan the big day, you know that almost everything has to be done months in advance. The bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses need to be ordered and fitted, the invitations have to be chosen, sent to the printer and mailed out, and the florist, caterer and baker need to be booked well…

What Should be Included in my DIY Wedding Program?

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Adorable Hearts Programs by PaperDirect

Wedding programs are one of wedding touches that add something very special to what will surely be the most memorable day of your life. Do-it-yourself wedding programs not only give the guests a play-by-play of your ceremony, but they help guests feel included and understand what is happening, and they introduce your bridal party. DIY wedding programs will be a…

Wedding Program Paper Options

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Perfectly Plain Programs

Brides and grooms (or other family members) planning a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding can add a special touch to the wedding with custom printed programs. PaperDirect has a large selection of wedding program paper to fit all tastes. Die-cut and embossed designs are simple and elegant. Once you’ve chosen your wedding program paper, you can even design your wedding programs online…

Wedding Program Wording: What to Include

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

One Rose Programs by PaperDirect

Wedding programs are incredibly unique–the layout, the adornments, and the content for every wedding program is different. And since many people keep wedding programs as a “souvenir” of the special day, it’s important to have a beautifully crafted, professionally worded wedding program. If you have been struggling with wedding program wording, we have some tips for you that will help…

Wedding Ceremony Program Ideas 101

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Floral Elegance Programs

Your wedding ceremony program is one of those little touches that outlines your special day for your guests and allows them to know what is happening and what is to come during your beautiful wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony programs also introduce the wedding party to your guests. During elaborate church weddings, and especially during Catholic weddings, it’s helpful for guests…

What to Include in a Wedding Program: 4 Quick Tips

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Calla Lilies Program

Wondering what to include in a wedding program? If you’re getting married, you have a million tasks to accomplish and may be feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed. Of course, what you include in your wedding program will vary from what someone else may have, but there is some general information common to all wedding programs. Here are the…

Stand out: Create a Unique Wedding Program

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Daffodil Delight Programs

When it comes to weddings, you want everything to be perfect. Not only that, but you want it to be unique as well. You don’t want your wedding to be like your friend’s wedding or like your sister’s wedding either. So finding ways to make your wedding stand out from the rest takes special planning. All details have to be…

Do It Yourself Wedding Programs That Anyone Can Use

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Springtime 2-Panel Programs

As anyone who has been through a wedding knows there are a thousand and one things that have to be taken care of before the wedding day even comes around. Wedding planners and the bride and family have decisions to make left and right, from the invitations all the way through the party decorations. One aspect of the wedding day…

Wedding Programs

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Celestial Program Paper

Tell your story with a wedding program.  Add all the special information about your wedding and your wedding party, your guest will both enjoy and appreciate the extra touch. Red Red Rose Program Simple Blossoms Program Apple Blossoms Program Island Tropics Program Celestial Program

Creating Your Wedding Program in 6 Simple Steps

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After all the months of planning, the crisis over the dress, finding the perfect place to go on a honeymoon, everything is done except for one thing, creating a wedding program. This program flyer everyone is going to be given when they come in the door is so important. While this would send most people into a frenzy, with a…