Best Christmas Card Messages for Small Businesses

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Christmas is almost here, and with it, a rush of holiday greetings. As a business leader, it’s in your best interest to send a brief note to any important contacts, including clients, vendors and industry associates. When crafted correctly, Christmas correspondence offers these contacts a great reminder of your presence in the business community, while also bolstering their impression of…

The 12 Days of Business: Christmas Card Messages for Clients and Colleagues

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Connecting with your customers during the Holidays helps to spreads good cheer, shows appreciation, and creates goodwill. It’s also an excellent integrated marketing opportunity. Christmas messages for clients can convey your gratitude for their patronage and make them more likely to remember you in the year ahead. Whether you send out a letter, traditional cards or Christmas postcards, a warm…

Sample Business Christmas Letters for Your First Go Around

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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As Christmas approaches, your business may have a certain obligation to greet, and maintain connections with, a wide array of clients and fellow industry leaders. One of the easiest ways to fulfill this necessity is with the creation and distribution of an annual Christmas letter. Unfortunately, developing a Christmas letter that is informative, interesting, and relevant is easier said than…

Customer Christmas Messages That Show You Really DO Value Their Business

Designing Your Business Communication

Customer Christmas Messages Cute Christmas cards

While the primary purpose of a Christmas message should always be to bring good tidings, whether those tidings are personal or professional, business Christmas cards and messages often serve a secondary purpose. The holidays are the perfect time of year to relay to customers how much you appreciate their business. Every other card your customers receive will wish them season’s…

Invitation Wording for Business Christmas Parties

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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When you are creating invitations for a business Christmas party, you want something that is visually appealing and has business Christmas invitation wording that will encourage employees to attend. If you include only the date, time, and place, the invitations are not that “inviting” and employees may decide to skip out on your corporate party. The wording should entice employees…

7 Habits of Highly Effective Christmas Card Messages

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Highly Effective Christmas Card Messages

Creativity is appreciated when it comes to Christmas card messages, and a combination of sticking with tradition and tossing in a couple of unexpected surprises comprises the 7 habits of effective Christmas card messages. Tips for Christmas Card Messages:  Get Personal Don’t be shy about personalizing your card to include an authentic message straight from the heart. People are tired…

Christmas Messages for Clients Made Easy, Not Cheesy

Designing Your Business Communication

Christmas Messages for Clients Calendar Cards

Sending clients and business associates seasonal tidings is a nice way to let them know how much you appreciate their business or partnership! The messages in boxed Christmas cards can be a little on the sappy side, though, which may not feel like a good fit for your company. Opting for customized cards gives you the freedom to say what…

How to Write Company Christmas Party Invites that Impress the Board

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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Has the task of composing this year’s company Christmas Party invitations fallen upon your shoulders, and you’re at a complete loss for just the right words? Here are some tips from the experts about how to write company Christmas party invites that will impress everyone from the mail room staff to the board of directors’ offices. Begin with Premium Invitations…

5 Creative Business Christmas Card Wording Phrases

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Creative Business Christmas Card Wording Phrases Greeting Card

Business Christmas card wording can sometimes feel less than festive. It’s tricky to walk the line between a fun, distinctive Christmas card message and keeping things professional. Erring on the side of caution is generally a good idea. The last thing you want to do is offend your clientele. Professional doesn’t have to mean boring, though. When you are looking…

10 Corporate Holiday Card Messages That Don’t Sound Corporate

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

The holidays are a time of year when business owners start thinking about how they will craft corporate holiday card messages to show clients and partners they care about them and appreciate their business. The main challenge is in determining how to make each message sincere and professional, but not too “corporate.” If you can’t find the perfect card, don’t…

9 Tips for a Sparkling Business Christmas Letter

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to create your annual business Christmas letter. This holiday season; take the time to really make it sparkle! Spice up your business Christmas letter and make it stand out this year with these nine tips: 1. Accentuate the Positive Write your business Christmas letter in a cheerful manner. Open with a positive…

Tips for Writing an Effective Business Slogan

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Having an effective business slogan can mean the difference between being very successful and having to close your business’ doors after just a few months. If you are a small (or large) business owner and in the middle of the exciting process of setting up shop, you may be wondering how to begin writing an effective business slogan that gets…

Is There a Polite Way to RSVP “No” When You Really Should Go

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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Your second cousin twice-removed’s fourth – but still surprisingly formal – wedding. Your college roommate’s third baby shower in as many years. Your husband’s annual – always potluck-style, never-catered – work party, held in the dank, gloomy break room in the back of the warehouse. Maybe it’s for the benefit of your mental health, your wallet, the sake of convenience,…

Wedding Thank You Card Sample Wording

DIY Wedding Accessories

Every bride (and groom) must write (yes, with your hand) thank you notes for gifts they received. Despite the fact that most people communicate electronically via email, text message and social media, expressing gratitude using any of these media is simply unacceptable. As a newly married couple, you must share the responsibility of handwriting thank you notes to each and…

Wedding Response Card Wording for DIY Weddings

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Supreme Black Response Set

If you’re in the midst of planning a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding, you may find yourself amazed at the number of items that must be tended to, decisions that must be made, and minute details that must be addressed. Have you thought about your wedding response card wording yet? Are you not even sure you know what a wedding response card…