Politically Correct Holiday Greeting Ideas

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Politically correct holiday messages

It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that the age-old tradition of sending greeting cards to your friends, customers, volunteers, clients, or employees can be something of a minefield. Anyone who’s hoping to spread a little holiday cheer this season may be slightly hesitant for fear of their message not being politically correct. Not to worry, though! Here…

Elite Employee Recognition

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Honor the employees that have gone above and beyond on the work that they have done. There are many ways that you can honor employees for their achievements. Recognizing and celebrating employee achievements should be frequent for your company and should honor dedicated employees.  Frequent Recognition Continuous recognition for everything your employees do is a wonderful way to show that…

What Should Your Business Card Include?

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business card exchange

Business cards are often the first currency of a business transaction. You meet someone, decide to stay in touch, and exchange your contact details. But, in the digital age, what should you include on a physical business card? Just a hint: Fax numbers are out. QR codes are in. Now, let’s explore some options for what your business cards should…

The Importance of Visual Presentations

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The Importance of Visual Presentations-PaperDirect

With all the various forms of online communication at our fingertips, it can be very tempting for a manager to simply convey new tasks, methods, or ideas through an email or text chat. If you’re one of those employers who might be overlooking the importance of visual presentations, then you’re missing out on a chance to utilize one of a…

9 Tips for the Ultimate Golfing Brochure

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  As the temperatures rise, so do the number of tee times! Keep your golf club members and guests informed of all the activities coming up this summer at your facility. From lessons and luncheons to fundraisers and featured guests – here is the essential information to include in your next golf brochure. 1. Feature Play Hours First and foremost,…

Here Come the Digital Natives: Their Workplace Habits

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here-come-the digital-natives-paperdirect

Who are digital natives? They’re the incoming workforce who’ve been submerged in digital technology since the day they were born. Their childhood birthday parties were streamed via Facebook Live for friends and family to enjoy. Their toy boxes included touch screen tablets. They’ve never used a phone that couldn’t take pictures, and shopping usually means going online, not going out….

Cute Address Labels for Businesses

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In the normal process of sending out bulletins, thank you notes, and general correspondence, it can be easy to focus exclusively on the content while overlooking visual flare. You know your message is the most important thing, but an enterprising business owner can gain a lot of points from taking a little time to inject some creativity into their snail…

5 Unique Ways to Use Border Paper in Your Business

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  Is there some elusive element missing from your reports and correspondence that you just can’t quite put your finger on? Consider adding a border to your hard copies for a subtle touch that communicates expertise without saying a word. In fact, you may be surprised at how impactful a simple, clean border can be. The next time you’re thinking…

How to Create Hard Copy Professional Reports

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Even if your facts and figures are right on the money, you’ll still lose points with your fellow employees and clients if your professional report isn’t executed cleanly and efficiently. You might be surprised how much visual appeal goes into the reports you file over the course of your daily duties. If you’d like some tips on how to create…

How to Create Last-Minute Holiday Greeting Cards

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Last Minute Santa

Did the holiday season creep up on you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and don’t feel bad, you had plenty of other worthwhile stuff to occupy your mind, like growing your business, keeping employees happy, or simply keeping the lights on overhead. If you let the real world distract you until now, you’re in luck. It’s not too late to…

Business Thank You Messages: Examples for Christmas

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business thank you messages

This holiday season, you should absolutely plan on thanking the people who worked with you this year. Assuming you want to continue doing business into the next year and keep the mutually beneficial relationship going strong, a few select words is a simple gesture that will leave them feeling appreciated and humbled. Take the time to do it right and…

5 Thanksgiving Holiday Cards we Love

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Thanksgiving Leaves Card

While Thanksgiving isn’t the most popular time to send a greeting card, it can be a great time to stand out among vendors or other businesses. Showing thanks and sending gratitude is easy; all you need is a simple card and a thoughtful message inside. If you’re on the prowl for Thanksgiving holiday cards, let us assist you. Here are…

6 Business Banner Ideas to Increase Foot Traffic

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sale business banner

Has foot traffic dropped off for your business? Trying to engage new customers to shop with your company? Banners are a great way to increase foot traffic to your business but unless you know what to say, the effort might be wasted. Use these business banner ideas to inspire your next marketing campaign to reach new customers and re-engage existing…

What to Include in an Employee Newsletter

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Employee Newsletter

An employee newsletter is instrumental when it comes to motivating and educating your workforce. Most employees are keen to gain some insight on the inner workings of their company, whether they tell you directly or not. As such, a newsletter is an excellent way to disseminate information on a large scale. Even better, you can spice up your newsletter and…

Ways to Encourage People to Keep your Handout

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Ways to Encourage People to Keep your Handout

Post cards. Brochures. Business cards. Flyers. You’ve spent hours perfecting the look, style and wording on your business handouts. Now, make sure people keep a hold of them. How? Each piece of promotional material should not only show off your business, it should also provide value. Add a calendar. A handy, miniature 12-month calendar printed on the back of your…

Why Customers Throw Away Mailers & Letters

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According to research from the Direct Marketing Association, only 42 percent of recipients read or scan the direct mail pieces they receive. That equates to 58 percent of mailers and marketing letters getting tossed in the garbage before they’re even given a thorough glance. Yet what makes a customer trash a direct mail letter? Irrelevant Are you simply advertising to…

What NOT to Send to your Clients This Christmas

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While many business focus on sales during the holiday season this time of year is also a prime opportunity to market your business to existing clients and potential leads. Sending a season greeting is a thoughtful gesture, however this effort can potentially offend recipients if you’re not careful. The following list of what not to send clients this Christmas will…