5 Thanksgiving Holiday Cards we Love

Designing Your Business Communication

While Thanksgiving isn’t the most popular time to send a greeting card, it can be a great time to stand out among vendors or other businesses. Showing thanks and sending gratitude is easy; all you need is a simple card and a thoughtful message inside.

If you’re on the prowl for Thanksgiving holiday cards, let us assist you. Here are our favorite designs for 2016!

Thanksgiving Tree Holiday Card

Thanksgiving Tree Card

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Thanksgiving Wreath Foil Card

Thanksgiving Wreath Foil Card

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Thanksgiving Screen Cards

Thanksgiving Screen card

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Thanksgiving Leaves Card

Thanksgiving Leaves Card

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Swirls of Autumn Note Cards

Swirls thanksgiving Note Cards

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Each of the above designs comes with foil-lined or regular envelopes. You can also create a pre-printed message inside each card- saving your hand long hours of writing.

Stand out this holiday season and be top of mind come December. Sending a Thanksgiving card is the simplest way of doing just that!