10 Free Whimsical Wedding Fonts for Invitations & More

DIY Invitation Ideas

10 Free Whimsical Wedding Fonts for DIY Invitations & More

One of the best things about custom, designer wedding invitations is the fabulous calligraphy/ graphic designs the artists can do. While this truly looks amazing, it can get very expensive- very quickly. Since wedding invitations are one of the first pieces of communication sent out, you want them to represent the entire look and feel of the wedding. Whether this is…

Beautiful & Affordable Weddings: The Invitations

DIY Wedding Ideas

There is just no getting around it —weddings are expensive. From the cost of the dress to the cake and flowers, the expenses add up quickly. That is why saving where you can is just so important. If you are planning your wedding, here are some smart ways to save on invitations. Avoid Upgrades Things like envelope liners, bows, multiple…

DIY: Wedding Gown Invitations

DIY Invitation Ideas

These fun DIY wedding invitations are perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, menus or the big day! There are countless color options and paper types you could use to create elegant, earthy or whimsical styles. To learn how to make these fun invites, read on: Supplies You’ll Need: White Flat Invitations & Envelops Any two colors of ribbon (we chose…

DIY: The Easiest Wedding Invitations Ever

DIY Invitation Ideas

While there are absolutely stunning wedding invitations you can order from a designer, they can be a bit pricey- especially if you’re have a tight budget or are expecting to send out hundreds of invites. Plus, many of us just love to include a bit of our personality in the invites. After all, DIYing wedding invites can be absolutely gorgeous….

Are Seal and Send Wedding Invitations Formal Enough?

DIY Wedding Ideas

Chances are highly unlikely you’d ever catch Cinderella’s helpers sending out seal and send invitations for her highly formal wedding to Prince Charming. Seal and send invitations are relative newcomers onto the wedding invitation scene, and they consist of a single piece of card stock that contains all the necessary information. You simply fold it in thirds, secure it closed…

How to Put a Map on Your Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Ideas

Famous Program Paper by PaperDirect

When it comes to planning a wedding, details matter. And one of those details is ensuring guests know how to get to your location with a map. Wondering just how to put a map on your wedding invitations? Check out three different options. Hire a Designer Hiring a designer to take over the map duties, or even the duty of…

Wedding Invitations for Every Budget!

DIY Wedding Ideas

Pristine Vellum Specialty Layered Invitations

Your desire to make your magical day extra special might make you feel pressured to expend a lot of money – on decorations, that perfect dress, the fairy-tale venue, and divine catering. Weddings, are indeed, quite costly occasions, but you can tamp down the expenditures by saving money on your customized wedding invitations without sacrificing quality or style at PaperDirect. Regardless of…

DIY Layered Wedding Invitations Will Save You Money

DIY Invitation Ideas

Everlasting Layered Invitations

Almost everyone wants to save money on their wedding budget, but no one wants to give up any of the elegance they’ve dreamed of for their special day. One place that you can save money without sacrificing style is with invitations. Layered wedding invitations are an easy DIY project that look professional because they are. Layered wedding invitations typically come…

Unique DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Invitation Ideas

Heritage Flat Invitations

When looking around for the perfect wedding invitation, keep in mind that your wedding invitation should reflect your personality and the style of your wedding.  Thanks to our wide variety of affordable DIY wedding invitations offered by your DIY wedding headquarters, PaperDirect, you won’t have to sacrifice finding that perfect invitation to save money. Whether you  want fall-themed DIY wedding…

DIY Fall Wedding Invitations

DIY Invitation Ideas

Fall Glisten Specialty Flat Invitations

When you plan a wedding for the fall, you open yourself up to so many vibrant color schemes and wonderful themes. Many people say that fall is their favorite season because of the turning of the leaves and the cool temperatures signaling the coming of winter. Warm, sunny days and crisp, clear evenings make for great wedding weather, so if…

Types of Wedding Invitations-How About a Layered Invitation?

DIY Invitation Ideas

Promises Layered Invitations

If you’re planning a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding, your wedding invitation type, design and wording is probably one of the biggest, most important decisions you will make. Thankfully, PaperDirect has an extensive line of wedding invitations from which to choose, but with so many different types available, you may feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin! Layered invitations are perfect…

How to Make Your Own Invitations

Designing Your Invitation

Filigree Stripes Pocket Invitations

If you are getting ready to host a party or some other special event, you may want to consider making your own invitation to send to your guests because it’s not a difficult process, and you will save a lot of money if you make your own invitations. PaperDirect has everything you need (except the computer) to make professional-looking, festive…

Wedding Invitations – Response Cards and Their Wording

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Pristine Response Set

Weddings take a ton of planning and making changes to plans in order to have the wedding come off exactly the way the bride wants it to. This means attention has to be paid to every detail along the way. Perhaps the most important part of the wedding planning is the invitation because that is often the first indication to…

Customized Wedding Invitations Don’t Have To Cost a Fortune

DIY Invitation Ideas

Intricate Flat Invitation

Getting married is one of the most important times in a person’s life. It’s so important that you want everyone in your life to come be a part of it. You want all your friends and family to be in attendance to see the ceremony and you’ve got all kinds of plans for the reception and the ceremony that you…

Wedding Invitations Etiquette & Wording

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Whisper Pocket Invitations

The Value of Following Wedding Etiquette Whether you are planning a small, informal wedding or an extravagant event, you will want to make sure that you start your marriage  on the right foot with your extended family. Wedding etiquette helps guide a bride and groom and provides an assurance you have done your best to properly acknowledged important parties and…

How Many Wedding Invitations Do I need?

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Enchanting Invitation Papers

Whether you are planning a small, informal wedding or an extravagant event, you will want to make sure that you start your marriage knowing that you have properly acknowledged important parties and avoided any unnecessary hurt. Wedding etiquette is your best guide in gauging how many wedding invitations you will need. The number of invitations you’ll need is not equal…

Writing Wedding Invitations

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Writing wedding invitations is one of the first and most important tasks you do for your wedding. After choosing a wedding invitation style that best reflects the style of your wedding, the next step is to match the style of the wording to the style of the invitation. Even in very casual weddings, it is important to adhere to proper…

How to Address Wedding Invitations

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Invitation Envelopes Etiquette & Wording As with any aspect of a formal occasion, every nuance of etiquette needs to be followed. There are conventions for thank you notes, for invitation wording and even on how to properly address wedding invitations and envelopes. By sticking to the rules of etiquette that are pertinent to this particular aspect of the wedding invitation,…