5 Outdoor Team Building Activities Your Office Can Do This Summer

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outdoor team building activities

Warmer weather can leave you and your teams itching to get out of the office, a perfect time to schedule a slate of outdoor team building activities. Not only do the activities give everyone a chance to enjoy the summer sunshine, but they can improve communication, build trust, and make work feel like play. Here are five outdoor team building…

Spring Has Sprung! The 7 Best Plants for Your Office Desk

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best plants for office desks

Even though it might not be warm and bright where you are quite yet, it is officially spring! However, while the sun is shining and plants are blooming outside, your drab office space might be stopping you from getting into the spirit of the season. To help you spring into spring, here’s a list of some of the best plants…

7 Fun Days to Celebrate in the Office

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fun days to celebrate in the office

Just because the winter holidays and parties are coming to a close doesn’t mean that you have to give up the celebrations with your coworkers. Office gatherings like parties and group outings can drastically improve morale, which, in turn, increases office efficiency. Sure, you’ve got all the big holidays covered, but you can also plan small celebrations for uncommon holidays….

7 Funny Office Christmas Card Ideas Even Your Boss Will Love

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office christmas card ideas

You could sit around making up holiday rhymes for your office card until the reindeer came home, but the true impact of a Christmas card often comes from the picture. A funny photo can transform what could be another ho-hum holiday card into a sensational greeting that keeps recipients laughing. Check out seven funny office Christmas card ideas for cover…

6 Cool Office Decor Ideas to Make Your Workspace Instagrammable

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cool office decor

Your workspace is a direct reflection of you. It is vibrant, exciting, and welcoming? Or, is your space bland and blah? If you find yourself snapping tons of selfies at work for Instagram, pencil in a mini cubicle makeover using our cool office ideas so you can show the world more about you. After all, we could all use a…

8 Fun Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

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improve employee engagement high five

Is the typical workday at your office filled with laughter, chatter, and lots of work completed with loads of enthusiasm? If your answer is no, you may want to work on boosting employee engagement. Here are eight fun and easy ways to improve employee engagement and make your staff excited to come into work every day. In-Office Events In-office events…

7 Office Bonding Activities – That Aren’t Lame

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Professional development workshops complete with trust falls and scavenger hunts are so 1999. If you want your team to come together without rolling their eyes at your outdated team building ideas, plan activities that are both engaging and exciting. We’re here to help you think outside the box. 1. Go zip lining. It’s easy to address trust and fear when…

Starting a Successful Office Recycling Program

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You already keep recyclables out of your home trash can, now inspire your co-workers to do the same in honor of Earth Day on April 22.  After all, green is the new black: trendy and thoughtful. With a little education, simple implementation and rewarding the top waste reducers, you’re well on your way to having a more environmentally friendly workplace….

Why Meditation at Work is Beneficial

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meditation at work

No matter which industry you’re in, every productive office has the same kind of vibe. It’s a group of talented professionals (and part-time oddballs) who are coming together to get a lot of work done in as little time as possible. Any motivated office can be a breeding ground for stress, it’s only natural. However, you don’t need to simply…

How to Host a Chili or Crock Pot Cook-off at Work

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Hosting a chili or crock pot cookoff is a simple and easy way to get the office to mingle during lunch. Also, food! Here are some quick tips and an email template that you can use during your office’s next cook-off challenge. Tips Email Twice – People forget. Make sure you let your employees know about 10 days in advance…

10 Ways to Combat the Saddest Day of the Year in the Office

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How to Combat the Saddest Day in the Office

After a flurry of winter parties and new year’s toasts, it’s time to get back to work. Feeling bummed? You’re not alone. What happened to the four-day weekends, pumpkin-spice lattes and the plethora of leftover baked goods? As January gets rolling, it’s not uncommon to notice an emotional withdrawal from all that good cheer. With your waistband feeling tighter, and…

5 Holiday Mocktails for your Company Christmas Party

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raspberry Champagne

Whether your company is having a totally alcohol-free party, or simply wants to offer an alternative to alcohol, holiday mocktails can be a delicious route to take. Holiday mocktails provide the festive flair and zippy taste of your typical holiday cocktail concoctions – just without the alcohol. And believe us, your mocktail options can go far beyond the kiddie cocktail containing…

Hilarious Holiday OOO Email Scripts

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Holiday OOO Messages

Holidays are a time for frolic and fun, and you can have tons of fun with your out-of-the-office (OOO) email over the holiday season. Instead of the standard, ho-hum message that simply notes the date of your return, go for an unexpectedly wise, witty or downright hilarious missive. In addition to giving someone a good chuckle, your clever holiday OOO…

Christmas Gift Ideas for your #Ladyboss

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Gift ideas for your Ladyboss

She’s confident. She’s strong. And she deserves a gift that’s much more impressive than a $5, “I’m the Boss” coffee mug. While you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your lady boss, you do have to show her that her yearlong efforts are not only noticed but totally appreciated. You can do exactly that with these spectacular Christmas…

How an Awesome Office Space Can Boost Productivity

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awesome office 1

Going to the office can often be a bore because the office space is drab and boring. A few simple yet significant changes can turn a blah office into a brilliant one, resulting in an increase in productivity, satisfaction, and overall well-being. Lots of Light: Lots of Action A window-filled office flooded with natural lights can help keep employees focused…

20 Holiday Gifts for Clients (that they actually want!)

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chocolate cake pops

“The holidays provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to reinforce their relationships with important clients,” Entrepreneur contributor Jacqueline Whitmore wrote in a 2011 article. “A small token of appreciation in the form of a holiday gift can help keep your company on people’s minds.” The Season of Giving is almost upon us, and while you’re probably already thinking of presents for…

A Mad-Lib Christmas Template for Businesses

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Ah, Mad-Libs- that tried and true comedy elixir! For more than fifty years they’ve been the formula for turning out effortless mirth. And as you let your hair and mistletoe down around the office, their childish charms are the perfect garnish for your budding Christmas cheer. But here at Paper Direct, we like to compound the shenanigans whenever possible. That’s…

7 Office Appropriate Halloween Costume Themes

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Monkey Banana

When it comes to Halloween, everyone loves to dress up and snack on bite-size candy bars. This year, make your office festive by celebrating with a costume party, complete with desk-to-desk treat-or-treating! Not sure what Halloween costume themes are hot this season and appropriate for the workplace? We’ve got you covered! Dress Like a Nerd Finally, it’s cool to mismatch…

20 Office Products That are Actually Awesome

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reset button

Work is called work for a reason. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of amusement with these 20 fun office products. Stress Cupcake Get it The squeezable, stress-beating cupcake lets you indulge in your favorite stress-beating goodie without piling the pounds. Hat Pencil Erasers Get it Top off your pencils with class with a stylish set of…

April Fool’d ya. Top Office Pranks to do this Year

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April Fools’ Day is a prime day to have an office job, thanks to the vast amount of pranks you can pull on your coworkers and employees. We scoured the Web for the top office pranks, finding everything from the advanced building of a fake wall to block off the executive offices to the super simple, strategically placed whoopee cushion….