7 Office Appropriate Halloween Costume Themes

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Monkey Banana

When it comes to Halloween, everyone loves to dress up and snack on bite-size candy bars. This year, make your office festive by celebrating with a costume party, complete with desk-to-desk treat-or-treating! Not sure what Halloween costume themes are hot this season and appropriate for the workplace? We’ve got you covered! Dress Like a Nerd Finally, it’s cool to mismatch…

20 Office Products That are Actually Awesome

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reset button

Work is called work for a reason. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of amusement with these 20 fun office products. Stress Cupcake Get it The squeezable, stress-beating cupcake lets you indulge in your favorite stress-beating goodie without piling the pounds. Hat Pencil Erasers Get it Top off your pencils with class with a stylish set of…

April Fool’d ya. Top Office Pranks to do this Year

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April Fools’ Day is a prime day to have an office job, thanks to the vast amount of pranks you can pull on your coworkers and employees. We scoured the Web for the top office pranks, finding everything from the advanced building of a fake wall to block off the executive offices to the super simple, strategically placed whoopee cushion….

Quiz: Are you a Joy to Work with? The Worst? Find Out

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Are you a joy to work with? The worst? Find out below by taking our quiz. Then print your your free awards and hang them around the office with pride! Congrats on your employee award! Now its time to show the office what kind of fantastic employee you are. Download your Free Award Here: [one_half]The Trend Setter Award [/one_half][one_half_last]Always on…

Why Santa Must Be a Woman

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Santa Must Be a Woman. We all know the image of Jolly Old Saint Nick with his flowing white beard, twinkling eyes, and red velvet suit. But maybe we have it all wrong. What if Santa is actually a woman? We have our suspicions, and here’s why: No man could rock red velvet like a woman could. Santa is a…

6 Free Santa Letter Templates from PaperDirect

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Santa Letter 2

We are excited to present 6 brand new and completely free Santa letter templates for penning the big guy. Writing a letter to Santa has been a tradition in America for over a hundred years. Whether you decide to use these templates for your class or just print one out for your kids at home, we hope your kids get…

The Do’s and Don’ts of an Unforgettable Office Party

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17It’s almost that time of year again. You know the one. Office party time! Office parties can be a great way to show employees appreciation and give them a chance to relax and socialize. And it’s not just fun for employees; it has real workplace benefits like idea sharing, morale building and turnover reduction. However, it’s important to structure office…

What Kind of Dog is Your Boss? [Quiz]

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Have you ever wondered what kind of dog your boss is? Maybe a kind golden retriever? A yippy chihuahua? Find out what kind of dog your boss is with our quiz! Take the Quiz: Then share your results (but maybe not with your boss)!

Five Things Not to Do in Your Cubicle

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Nostalgic employees love to complain about today’s casual workers and their complete lack of respect. If you’re engaging in one of the following obnoxious cubicle activities, have some compassion for your coworkers and cut it out! 1. Taking Selfies Everybody loves a good selfie, but the office might not be the best setting for your photography masterpiece. If you can’t…