Five Things Not to Do in Your Cubicle

Office Fun

Nostalgic employees love to complain about today’s casual workers and their complete lack of respect. If you’re engaging in one of the following obnoxious cubicle activities, have some compassion for your coworkers and cut it out!

1. Taking Selfies

What to NOT do in your cubicle- #1 Office Selfie

Everybody loves a good selfie, but the office might not be the best setting for your photography masterpiece.

If you can’t resist the urge to pose for the camera, at least wait until you can capture an oh-so-classy mirror selfie in the office bathroom.

2. Make Out With Your Hot Coworker

What to NOT do in your cubicle- #4 Kissing Your Hot coworker

Sure, that guy from IT is attractive, but this isn’t a college bar — you don’t need to swap spit at this very moment.

The office hookup may be every bored worker’s fantasy, but you’re better off waiting until you’ve climbed the corporate ladder and scored a room with a door.

3. Air Out Your Stinky Feet

What to NOT do in your cubicle- #2 Feet on DeskYour feet are aching after that much-needed Starbucks run. Perhaps you should have considered the possibility of sore tootsies before you decided to wear stilettos to work. As uncomfortable as your feet may currently be, you’ll make your work neighbors even more uncomfortable if you decide to slip off your shoes.

You may be blissfully unaware of the rancid stench of your bare feet, but you’re coworkers aren’t as fortunate.

4. Clip Your Nails

What to NOT do in your cubicle- #3 Clipping Nails

Personal hygiene is a wonderful thing, particularly when you spend the majority of your time in an office environment. However, there is a time and a place for grooming and your cubicle is definitely not ideal. The sound of that nail clipper is sure to drive your coworkers bonkers. They’ll be similarly unimpressed with your dedication to dental hygiene if you insist on flossing at your desk.

5. Take A Nap

Remember George Costanza’s specially designed napping desk on Seinfeld? If you don’t possess one of these beauties (not to mention, a private office), you probably better down an extra coffee and return your focus to marketing and business promotions.

These are things not to do in your cubicle: live and die by them.

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