Why Meditation at Work is Beneficial

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meditation at work

No matter which industry you’re in, every productive office has the same kind of vibe. It’s a group of talented professionals (and part-time oddballs) who are coming together to get a lot of work done in as little time as possible. Any motivated office can be a breeding ground for stress, it’s only natural. However, you don’t need to simply put up with it. There’s one simple tactic you can use to help keep yourself calm and focused without sacrificing any quality.

Just take a few moments to meditate your cares away. It really does work, and it can help make your time in the office much more relaxing.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Simply ‘Be’ in the Workplace

Study after study has been released that indicates meditation “boosts energy, helps with focus, reduces stress and anxiety, increases resilience and possibly, subtly, changes your life and your brain for the better.” How much more proof do you need that meditation could be a great on-the-job ally?

If you can convince yourself and your coworkers that taking a few moments each day to silence the din of work noise and simply focus on being in the moment, then there’s no end to the potential benefits that translate to your job.

Give Meditation Some Time to Take Hold

The first thing you should know if you’re interested in meditating on the job is this: meditation is a learning process. You can’t just close your eyes and skip straight to nirvana.

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve spent years training your mind to multi-task, to think about things beyond your current task. Grasping meditation is about concentrating on your present surroundings. It’ll take some time for the positive benefits of meditation to really take hold.

First, those calm thoughts have to make it past your cynical subconscious.

It’s Not All Sitting Cross-Legged and Chanting

The best way to begin meditation is to take it a little bit at a time. When you drink water at work (which you should absolutely do), take a few seconds to think about the fact that you have pure, clean water to drink. When you’re in the bathroom, take an extra thirty seconds to appreciate the fact that you’re not sitting at your desk.

You don’t need to drastically disrupt your day to enjoy a little mindful meditation, either. There are several techniques you can utilize at a moment’s notice that will help you center yourself and simply enjoy a few moments of letting your brain rest.

These little bits of mindful thinking are the first steps on the road to meditation.

You Can Start a Meditation Program at Work

If you’re in a position to start one, a company-wide meditation program may be perfect for increasing productivity and reducing stress. Don’t make it mandatory, just let those people who participate know their contribution and participation is well appreciated and you shouldn’t have any issues filling out the program.