#Inspiration: The 6 Best Love Letter Quotes of All Time

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best love letters of all time

Trying to pen the perfect Valentine’s Day love letter can be tough, especially when you can’t seem to get any further than “Dear Darling.” Not to fret. We’ve gathered excerpts from the best love letters of all time that can serve as inspiration. Whether you use the sentiments verbatim or as a jumping off point for writing your own words,…

9 Quotes About Stationery Every Writer Will Love

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stationery quotes writing on paper

Humans require basic necessities to survive. These include food, water, shelter – and, for some, stationery. If you’re the type who lists stationery as one of your must-haves, you’re not alone. We found a handful of notable folks who have felt the same way, as evidenced in this collection of stationery quotes. What Stationery Can Do to You Stationery has…

Quotes for National Parents’ Day

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While we celebrate our moms in May and honor our dads in June, we can give them both the kudos they deserve on National Parents’ Day in July. Celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July, National Parents’ Day may not be as well-known as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but it’s just as important. It’s a day to pay tribute…

Certificate Wording for Sports and Athletic Completion

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From increased endurance to improved strength, sports and athletic activities provide a plethora of benefits to participants. Now, you can add one more perk by presenting certificates for successful completion of sports and athletic endeavors. Fitness certificates can apply to a number of scenarios for a job well done. Examples can include: Students completing a training course to become instructors Volunteers…

Certificate Wording for Tech Classes

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High-tech efforts deserve high levels of recognition, and you can provide that to every member of your class with a professional certificate. You have various options for the type of certificates to award, whether they’re for specific tech certifications, completion of training or your course, professional achievement, or for overall excellence. You’re also free to use any combination of certificates…

Holiday OOO Email Scripts to Make People Laugh

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Holiday OOO Messages

Holidays are a time for frolic and fun, and you can have tons of fun with your out-of-the-office (OOO) email over the holiday season. Instead of the standard, ho-hum message that simply notes the date of your return, go for an unexpectedly wise, witty, or downright hilarious missive. In addition to giving someone a good chuckle, your clever holiday OOO…

Thank You Messages from Hiring Managers: Post Job Interview

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Classic Thank You Greeting Card Set

Good etiquette and common sense dictate interviewees should send thank you notes to prospective employers after the interview. But not much is said about the interviewer doing the same. Thank you cards can be a spectacular way to not only thank the candidate for taking the time to share their experience and interest in your company, but it gives your…

Christmas Messages from Teachers to Students

Christmas Phrases & Wording

Christmas Messages from Teachers to Students

Students are often the shining stars of your day, and the holiday season is a great time to let them know it. Sending a holiday card to your students shows them you care, can help strengthen your bond, and may even serve as a subconscious, cheery reminder that they have homework due right after Christmas break. Your holiday greeting cards…

Christmas Message Examples from Realtors & Agents

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Christmas messages for realtors

Realtors and agents are likely to have a sprawling Christmas card list, packed with names of new homeowners, prospective buyers, and even folks looking to lease or purchase office space. An ideal way to wish them well is with holiday greeting cards that feature an image and message that align with you or your company’s style, tone, and overall personality….

Christmas Message Examples for Your Church Holiday Cards

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Christmas messages for churches

Christmas is a time for glorious jubilation, and churches can easily spread that happiness to parishioners and friends with the perfect holiday greeting cards. These cards refer to those that have an image, tone, and message that mesh with the personality of your church. Whether your parish is known for being traditional, humorous, or clever and quirky, we have a…

Christmas Messages from Doctors Offices: Examples

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Christmas Messages from Doctors Offices

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors’ office can score bonus points with elevated bedside manner. A good bedside manner stems from taking a little extra time to show that you care while developing positive patient-doctor relationships. Sending out  a warm thought over the busy holidays can contribute toward achieving both, especially if you include a Christmas message that matches the personality of…

Diploma Wording Ideas (Ready to Use)

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diploma wording - ready to use

Whether your students are graduating from high school, beauty school, or a technical trade program, you want to provide an official document that honors their achievement. But just because it’s official doesn’t mean it has to be ho-hum. Check out some diploma wording ideas that will give your document the perfect touch. Essential Info Before you dive into the wording…

Warm Letter Template for Reaching Out to Businesses

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business letter

Virtually all businesses rely on obtaining and retaining business clients. While it is easier, for the most part, to keep the clients you do have, not all clients will be around forever, so finding new ones is a critical part of staying afloat and continuing to succeed. We all know first impressions matter. Science has proven it, in fact. We…