Certificate Wording for Tech Classes

Phrases & Wording


High-tech efforts deserve high levels of recognition, and you can provide that to every member of your class with a professional certificate. You have various options for the type of certificates to award, whether they’re for specific tech certifications, completion of training or your course, professional achievement, or for overall excellence. You’re also free to use any combination of certificates you see fit to best honor and reward your successful students.

We’ve outlined five short and simple examples of certificate wording for tech classes, along with standard information that should appear on every certificate.

Certificate Wording for Tech Classes: Basic Information

Details are extremely important in tech classes, and the same holds true for tech class certificates. Each certificate should contain basic information that includes:

  • Purpose of certificate
  • Name of recipient
  • Name of tech class and/or specific certification
  • Name of instructor, department, and/or facility
  • Official signature and date

Certificate Wording for Tech Classes: Examples


Header: Name of facility, address if desired

This is to acknowledge that (recipient’s name)

is certified in (specific certification)

In recognition the successful completion of

requirements for certification through (name of class, exam, and other requirements)


Header: Certificate of Training

This certifies that (recipient’s name)

has successfully completed the training course of (name of class)

conducted by (name of instructor) at (name of department, facility)


Header: Name of facility, department, address if desired

This certificate acknowledges that (recipient’s name)

has met all the requirements and criteria for successful completion of

(name of class) conducted by (name of instructor)

at (name of department, facility)


Header: Certificate of Achievement

This certificate of achievement is awarded to (recipient’s name)

In recognition of professional achievement

for successfully completing (name of class) conducted by (name of instructor)

at (name of department, facility)


Header: Certificate of Excellence

(Name) is receiving this certificate of excellence for

exceptional performance in (class name) conducted by (name of instructor)

at (name of department, facility)

You’re welcome to use any of the certificate wording examples verbatim, or you can edit and adjust them as desired to best mesh with the style and vibe of your class and facility. The most important thing is to provide tech students with the official certification they need and recognition they deserve for successfully completing your tech course.