10 Simple Ideas to Celebrate Your Employee’s Birthdays

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Bring on the buttercream cupcakes and rainbow of balloons!

There’s a birthday guy or gal in the office this week! So how can you make your employees feel special on their big day beyond sweet treats? Mix up their usual routine a bit and spoil them with surprises and small gifts, that’s how!

1. The Gift-Wrapped Desk

Whether they have a dedicated office or use a co-working space, grab a roll of gift wrap and embellish their desk. Don’t forget to accent the workspace with oversized bows and curly ribbons.

2. The Charity Partner

Plan to give back to the community in honor of the birthday VIP. Pick a charity they love and schedule a special visit (onsite or offsite) complete with a small donation presentation. The co-workers can meet shelter dogs or spend a long lunch hour reading to special needs kids!

3. The Early Out

A week or so before the big day, leave a handwritten note on the employee’s desk offering the option to leave early one day during their birthday week. It’s the perfect way for the birthday person to grab a special weekday dinner or start their Friday evening a little early!

4. The Snack Fix

No birthday is complete without presents. Figure out what the employee loves to grab during the workday — gourmet coffee, herbal tea, cupcakes or fresh juice — and snag a gift card to the local business they frequent for their workday snacks.

5. The Office Potluck

A week ahead, send a memo to everyone in the office (or for larger businesses, the employee’s department) about a celebratory potluck. On the day, invite everyone to the meeting room for some home-cooked treats and recipe swapping.

6. The Public Address

Does your workplace have morning announcements via an intercom system? Amp up the presentation with a birthday shout out, complete with classic off-key singing and wild kazoo choir!

7. The Card Shower

This year, instead of having everyone squeeze their name on one company card, encourage each employee to bring a card, or pick one out of a big box of stationery supplies at the office, and create a personal birthday message for the co-worker.

8. The Balloon Maze

Fill the birthday person’s office with balloons. Helium balloon bouquets on the desk and individual balloons all over the floor help create a festive workspace for the day.

9. The White Elephant

Plan to surprise the birthday person with goofy dollar store gifts. The rule: Each employee can only spend $1. Bring on the funny socks, faux flowers and plastic wine glasses!

10. The Silly Award

A birthday is the perfect time to present the employee with a funny award. Choose a fun mug, plaque or certificate that lets everyone know they’re the Top Dog for the day!

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