Christmas Messages from Doctors Offices: Examples

Phrases & Wording

Christmas Messages from Doctors Offices

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors’ office can score bonus points with elevated bedside manner. A good bedside manner stems from taking a little extra time to show that you care while developing positive patient-doctor relationships.

Sending out  a warm thought over the busy holidays can contribute toward achieving both, especially if you include a Christmas message that matches the personality of your practice or facility.

Check out five examples below you can cut and paste directly or use as a springboard to create your own.

Traditional Christmas Messages from Doctors

Traditional Christmas messages from doctors can pretty much stick to the standard greetings folks typically receive around the holidays – with one small tweak. Since the card is coming from a doctor or medical office, you can certainly take advantage of wishing your patients good health for the holidays. Good health, after all, is what you’re all about.

From our practice to your home,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and

an exceptionally healthy New Year.

Wishing you peace, joy and very good health for the holiday season and beyond.

Merry Christmas!

Humorous Christmas Messages from Doctors

If your office or practice has a fun and playful vibe, you can match it with fun and playful holiday card messages. Humorous Christmas messages from doctors can still make a reference to good health, but with a layer of humor on top. Add yet another layer of merriment with the mention of reindeer, elves, or even jolly ole St. Nick himself.

Hope your holidays bring health, wealth and happiness –

And don’t forget we’re always here if you want more of the first one!

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

You’re never too old to believe in Santa Claus –

Although we do have a cut-off age for giving out stickers and lollipops after exams.

Modern and Clever Christmas Messages from Doctors

Medical practices or offices that pride themselves on being modern, clever and a wee bit quirky can go for a message that has a creative twist. The example below focuses on the colors of the season then uses a kitschy idiomatic expression to wish the recipient well.

Happy Holidays!

As the world is swathed in red and green,

We hope you are perfectly

in the pink.

Sending out holiday cards or holiday newsletters to your patients – and even your vendors and associates – serves multiple beneficial purposes. It wishes them well, it shows that you care, and it keeps your doctor’s office in the front of their minds should they be chatting at holiday parties with someone who may need a referral.