Christmas Message Examples for Your Church Holiday Cards

Phrases & Wording

Christmas messages for churches

Christmas is a time for glorious jubilation, and churches can easily spread that happiness to parishioners and friends with the perfect holiday greeting cards. These cards refer to those that have an image, tone, and message that mesh with the personality of your church. Whether your parish is known for being traditional, humorous, or clever and quirky, we have a lineup of example messages you’re welcome to use.

Traditional Christmas Messages for Churches

Traditional Christmas messages for churches can definitely include the very reason Christmas is celebrated in the first place. In addition to celebrating Jesus’s birth, traditional messages can also include references to family, love, peace, joy, and other elements that come from being part of a compassionate parish.

Celebrating the birth of Christ

is so much more meaningful when it’s shared

with people like you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Peace, love, and joy are what the Christmas season brings.

Our job is to keep it alive all year long.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from your family at Church ABC.

Humorous Christmas Messages for Churches

Sermons that ignite a chuckle, ongoing laughter at church gatherings, and parishioners that just can’t stop smiling are some of the hallmarks of a church that has a humorous vibe. Keep that much-loved humor alive with funny Christmas greetings on your annual holiday cards.

God loves you

No matter what.

That’s more than Santa can say!

Merry Christmas from your friends at Church ABC.


Thou shalt have a

Very Merry Christmas and an

Extraordinarily Joyful New Year.

All the best from Church ABC!

Modern Christmas Messages for Churches

Modern and clever messages can be a little quirky, a little funny – and give recipients a lot to think about. Putting a modern twist on a traditional scenario can be a fun way to go about it.

If young Jesus had a Christmas list,

We bet an Xbox wouldn’t be on it.

He’d ask instead for love and time spent with family.

And we wish you exactly the same!

Christmas cards are a great way for churches to keep spreading the love, peace, and joy that their community is about all year long. They let you touch base with regulars, reach out to parishioners you may not have seen in some time, and otherwise show your church is always there to care.

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