Certificate Wording for Sports and Athletic Completion

Phrases & Wording


From increased endurance to improved strength, sports and athletic activities provide a plethora of benefits to participants. Now, you can add one more perk by presenting certificates for successful completion of sports and athletic endeavors. Fitness certificates can apply to a number of scenarios for a job well done. Examples can include:

  • Students completing a training course to become instructors
  • Volunteers taking part in a run, walk or other athletic fundraising event
  • Participants finishing a strenuous athletic boot camp
  • Employees excelling at corporate athletic challenges
  • Clients reaching their weight loss, endurance or strength-training goals

Any number of successfully completed fitness activities can call for acknowledgement in the form of a certificate. You can also give the certificate an extra-special touch based on the wording you choose. We’ve outlined some basic information each recognition certificate should include, along with five examples of certificate wording for fitness achievements.

Certificate Wording for Fitness Activities: Basic Info

Whether you’re giving a certificate for achievement, participation, or excellence, all fitness certificates should contain a lineup of basic information. This includes:

  • Reason certificate is being awarded
  • Name of instructor, organization, or facility awarding the certificate
  • Name of recipient
  • Official signature and date

The header or footer of the certificate can also include the facility or organization’s name and address if desired.

Certificate Wording for Fitness Activities: Examples

We put together five examples of simple, straightforward wording you can use for fitness-related certificates.

Athletic Award

This athletic award is being presented to (name of recipient)

for outstanding performance in (name of sport/activity)

while participating in (name of class/event) at (facility)

Certificate of Completion

This certificate acknowledges (name of recipient)

has met all criteria and requirements for the successful completion of

(name of program) led by (name of instructor)

at (name of facility)

Certificate of Participation

This certifies that (name of recipient)

has been a contributing member of (name of activity)

organized and led by (name of organization)

Certificate of Excellence

(Name of recipient) is in receipt of this

Certificate of Excellence

for exceptional achievements in (name of sport or activity)

during (name of program)

Training Certificate

(Name of recipient) is hereby certified as (title of certification)

after successful completion of (name of training program)

Feel free to take any of our certificate wording for fitness activities verbatim, or use the examples as a foundation to build upon and make the award specific to your needs. The overall goal is to ensure certificate recipients get the acknowledgement, praise, special honors, or official documentation they deserve after the successful completion of their goal.

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