Slogans Made Simple: Free Tagline Generators

Designing Your Business Communication

Taglines and slogans can be essential to creating buzz around your business. Everyone knows Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. And of course, even after decades, most people can name the brand associated with “Where’s the Beef?”

But coming up with even the most simple tagline can be a lot of work. Luckily, there are automated online tagline/slogan generators that can help get your creative juices flowing. With most, users simply plug in a keyword to receive suggestions.

We tried out three of them, using PaperDirect” as our keyword, to get a feel for how they work.

Slogan Generator

This site has a nice, clean design and is simple to use. Plus, it gives you a few tips on how to create a good tagline or slogan. It created some decent ones but also came up with some that were totally out of left field.

The Surrealist Slogan Maker

Like its name, the Surrealist’s slogans are a little offbeat. But if you’re looking for taglines that are guaranteed to entertain you (even if you’ll never actually use them in business), this site is the place to find them.

Moxy Creative Tagline Generator

This fun interface allows you to select different data (product type, use, urgency) into robot-shaped graphic. The “robot” then spits out suggested taglines. The taglines are pretty basic and no matter what you enter, it’s the same variation of a central theme.

All were easy to use but there was a lot of variation in the quality of the taglines we received, as you can see below:

The (Pretty) Good

All You Need is PaperDirect and a Dream (The Surrealist)

PaperDirect, always a step ahead (Slogan Generator)

Try PaperDirect and Maximize Your Results – Soon! (Moxy Creative)

The Bad

Let the PaperDirect work for you (Slogan Generator)

PaperDirect, the fun overloaded. (Slogan Generator)

Go Home with PaperDirect at the Touch of a Button – Today! (Moxy Creative)

The Ugly

Big Chocolate PaperDirect (The Surrealist)

I Wish I Were a PaperDirect Weiner (The Surrealist)

Go Crack a PaperDirect (Slogan Generator)

If you’d like to try out a tagline generator, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Play around with the keywords; use your company name, your product or your industry.
  2. Prepare to spend time clicking through a lot of unusable material.
  3. Write down taglines that jump out at you and brainstorm with others about how to improve on them.
  4. Before going “live” with a tagline, ask yourself what you want the tagline to do (increase sales, build your brand, etc.).

In most cases, tagline generators won’t come up with the next award-winning slogan for you. They simply aren’t designed that way. But they can be a good jumping-off point to creating one that’s truly unique and unforgettable.

When you’ve finally settled on one, be sure to include it in all your business communications. The more customers see it, the more they’ll associate it with you and your company.