Find Out Why the Color of Your Logo is Important


You probably already know how important your logo is in regards to identifying your business.

However, you might not realize the importance of the colors you choose to use on your logo. In fact, according to recent surveys, around 85 percent of consumers claim color–of logo or box– is a factored reason they purchase a product, and 80 percent of people believed color increases brand recognition.

What your Logo Colors may say about your company infographic

In addition, thanks to the research completed at the University of Missouri-Columbia, we now know that color also evokes emotions. Therefore, knowing how important color is in brand recognition and the effect it has on emotions, you probably want to know a little more about specific colors and what message they convey, read below to do just that:


According to the study mentioned above, red logos cause feelings of self-assurance and exude expertise. In marketing, red logos are often used to entice impulsive shoppers. The color is also used by restaurants to stimulate appetite.


This color is said to make individuals feel young, modern and cheerful. It also is believed to stimulate the mental process and the nervous system, and as a result, gives added clarity. Moreover a yellow logo grabs attention and encourages communication.


The color blue is known for creating feelings of success, reliability, confidence and calmness. It is ideal for offices, due to the fact that it also increases productivity. Although preferred by women as well, men seem to like the color even more than women. In marketing, it is most often used by corporate businesses, due to the fact that blue is non-invasive and creates a sense of security and trust in a brand.


This color has been shown to cause feelings of dependability as well as sustainability. It also symbolizes money, represents new growth and exemplifies nature, health and tranquility. In marketing, the color green is used to induce feelings of relaxation and brings to mind environmental friendliness.

Now that you know the importance of colors in your logo and what a few of them mean, you are now free to design all the personalized business communication products that you need to run a successful company, such as brochures, letterhead, labels and stampers, all complete with your businesses logo– in the color that seems the most appropriate for what you wish to communicate to your clients. You can find a wide variety of these products, ready to personalize, at PaperDirect. Take a look today.

 Infographic via FastCompany