ROI On Sending Christmas Cards

Designing Your Business Communication

Holiday Greeting Cards by PaperDirectThe e-revolution has changed quite a few things in the business world. One of them is the reliance on ecards in the place of hard copy greeting in the small business world. Some argue the ecard value by saying they are free and fast, and you can send out as many as you want instantly. Now that e-greetings have become as commonplace as an advertisement (and deleted just as often and just as frequently), businesses have found the true value in sending Christmas cards to their customer and contact base.

As a small business owner, there are some really good reasons to make sending Christmas cards part of your overall marketing strategy, and here’s why.

Personal Touches Trump All

In an age where consumers heavily rely on the internet to conduct business and communicate, greeting cards stand out as something deeply personal. Customers understand the time it takes to write a short greeting and send cards and that effort truly stands out.

Demonstrates You Value the Relationship

Just like everyone else, customers like to be valued, not just sold. A physical Christmas card and small note says that you remember them and realize that every business depends on each individual customer. It shows you value the customer enough that you invested personal effort on their behalf.

Real Cards Invite them Into Your World

Personal cards make the occasion feel special, and invite the customer into your world as a welcomed guest. That feeling of being valued translates into a deeper customer relationship where the customers feel personally invested in your product or services.

Gains Attention and Recognition

During the holiday season, consumers are swamped with business promotions aimed at getting people through the door. With so many choices how do consumers decide? They go with the one that comes to mind first as being most valuable to them, not necessarily the business with the best sales. When you take time to recognize your customer and client base, they take notice.

Meets Expectations

No matter the business, customers expect to valued, important, and recognized beyond the simple “hello” when they are conducting a transaction. Sending Christmas cards meets the client expectation of mattering outside of the value they bring to your business.

Builds Loyalty

Holiday Greeting Cards by PaperDirectCustomers want to connect with a business that they can call their own and recommend to friends and family. Sending a personal greeting goes a long way in building loyalty among your client base that lasts all year long.

While it fell out of vogue for a short time, sending Christmas cards is back and adding more value than ever to the small business. Be sure to check out Paper Direct’s line of beautiful cards, all perfect for adding that personal touch to your holiday marketing.