What NOT to Send to your Clients This Christmas

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While many business focus on sales during the holiday season this time of year is also a prime opportunity to market your business to existing clients and potential leads. Sending a season greeting is a thoughtful gesture, however this effort can potentially offend recipients if you’re not careful. The following list of what not to send clients this Christmas will…

Would you Ever Send a Client a Thanksgiving Card?

Designing Your Business Communication

Thanksgiving Card

Everyone loves Christmas, and your clients appreciate the sentiment behind your Christmas cards. But let’s face it- Christmas has been hogging the attention for far too long! There’s a perfectly good holiday mere days before December, and it’s getting the short end of the stick. You may know it as Christmas: Part 1; in more innocent times it was known…

Christmas Sneak Peek: 2015 Holiday Cards, Invites & More

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Merry Christmas

Before you know it, there will be sleigh bells ringing and glistening snow blanketing the streets. That means the time is now to make your Christmas business plans, for example, special holiday season sales or a greeting card mail campaign. Whatever your company’s paper needs are this season, our 2015 holiday cards for businesses along with our festive stationery will…

What to Avoid on Your Printed Communication

Designing Your Business Communication

The purpose of creating business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, postcards and other personal communication is to be memorable. So, if your design doesn’t stand out, neither do you. And worse yet: If your printed communication is poorly printed, you’ll leave viewers frustrated and potentially unable to connect with you. So, does your printed communication make you shine? Or are you…

Business Card Checklist: What to Include

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business cards

“Many people overlook the value of having a professional business card that accurately reflects your brand image, yet this small piece of paper can be an important part of your collateral package,” writes Entrepreneur contributor John Williams. “It’s often the first item prospects receive from you, so it’s your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression on them.” Whether…

Why Freelancers Still Need Business Cards

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Add Your Own Design Business Cards by PaperDirect

Call it whatever you want. Freelancer. Entrepreneur. Contract worker. Solopreneur. Small business. When you’re a fabulously self-employed person, you must never miss an opportunity to connect with a possible customer. Networking is the pathway to growing a business and building resources; you need a few tools in your arsenal. Sure, you have a professional profile on LinkedIn and share behind-the-scenes…

Small Business Tip #10 – Thank You Cards

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Tip 10 small business

Don’t wait any longer. Tell your customers just how much you appreciate their interest and business. If you’ve never written personal thank you notes to your top clients, do it before the end of the year. We can help you get started! Writing Thank You Cards to Customers Remind the Customer Start with a few sentences about the project you…

Small Business Tip #8 – Holiday Cards

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The holidays are a perfect time to tell your customers how much you appreciate their business. Skip the mass email and make the note sincere. Send gorgeous holiday greeting cards!   Here’s how to tackle this small business task in five easy steps. Print a customer mailing list. Use decorative mailing labels to add a seasonal flare to plain envelopes….

Small Business Tip #7 – Give Back

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Get your business in front of a huge audience this holiday season. Plan to host a public event or attend an activity that focuses on giving-back to the community and spreading holiday cheer. The key to a successful event? Leave the sales pitch back at the office! Host an open house. Explain what your business does with free demonstrations or…

ROI On Sending Christmas Cards

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The e-revolution has changed quite a few things in the business world. One of them is the reliance on ecards in the place of hard copy greeting in the small business world. Some argue the ecard value by saying they are free and fast, and you can send out as many as you want instantly. Now that e-greetings have become…

Small Business Tip #5 – Holiday Greeting Cards

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Small Business Tip #5 - Order Cards

Quick! It’s time to order your Christmas or holiday cards! Sending out Christmas or holiday cards to your business partners, clients, or customers should be a priority in the month of December. Don’t wait til the last minute and get stuck picking up flimsy cards from your local dollar store. Why Cards? Holiday cards are a tradition in business. They…

15 Thoughtful Holiday Card Messages for Businesses

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The holidays are the perfect time to express gratitude to customers, peers, vendors and anyone else who’s helped you reach your business goals throughout the year. And whether you have a list of 5 or 5,000, Christmas cards are an easy, inexpensive way to say “thanks” and to stay top-of-mind in the coming year. While it seems that everyone sends…

Small Business Tip #2 – Competitive Analysis

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Small Business ideas for Christmas Tip 2

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you’re a small business. Look to what both you and your competitors did last holiday season to drive sales when planning this year’s holiday promotion. Ask yourself: What worked well for your company? What worked well for the competition? What mistakes were made? Take time to analyze the successes or failures from…

Slogans Made Simple: Free Tagline Generators

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Taglines and slogans can be essential to creating buzz around your business. Everyone knows Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. And of course, even after decades, most people can name the brand associated with “Where’s the Beef?” But coming up with even the most simple tagline can be a lot of work. Luckily, there are automated online tagline/slogan generators that can…

Protect your Professional reputation: Linkedin Habits to avoid

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LinkedIn has become a valuable tool in the business world. In fact, according to LinkedIn data, the platform is especially helpful when landing higher-paying jobs. Unfortunately, if you commit certain faux pas on your LinkedIn profile, you can come across as unprofessional and in turn miss out of potential career opportunities. Therefore, to help you avoid these pitfalls, PaperDirect, which…

Resume Writing: Dos and Don’ts

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Environment Recycled Resume-Papers by PaperDirect

If there’s one piece of paper that makes more impact than any other, it’s your résumé. Usually only a page or two, this document is one thing you want to make a great first impression. By printing your résumé on specialty paper from PaperDirect, you can add a touch of professional sophistication that will always stand out from the pile…

When to Send Greeting Cards to Business Associates and What to Say

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The greeting card can be an excellent tool for fostering close relationships with your clients and business associates. The right card can transform you from a simple professional contact into a real person, capable of connecting on a deeper level. However, walking that fine line between just personal enough and inappropriate can be difficult; it’s important for your to know…