Customer Christmas Messages That Show You Really DO Value Their Business

Designing Your Business Communication

Customer Christmas Messages Cute Christmas cardsWhile the primary purpose of a Christmas message should always be to bring good tidings, whether those tidings are personal or professional, business Christmas cards and messages often serve a secondary purpose. The holidays are the perfect time of year to relay to customers how much you appreciate their business. Every other card your customers receive will wish them season’s greetings, goodwill, peace, love and joy, and most businesses will thank them for their business. When you want your customers to truly know how much you appreciate them choosing you for their business needs, stick to the basics.

Be sincere

Are your customers really the wind beneath your wings? While there is something to be said for waxing poetic on the interior of a Christmas card, there is no need to get carried away in over-the-top wording. Bigger isn’t always better when you really just want to say “thank you”. Sincerity rings truer than fancy words. Keep customer Christmas messages simple and to the point. If you “sincerely appreciate” your customers or have “deepest gratitude” for their loyalty, just say it. Don’t make them try to decipher what you mean. Try the simplistic –

“Without customers like you, we wouldn’t be in business. Our sincerest gratitude this Christmas season.”

Other phrases you might consider:

  • “Thank you for your loyalty and continued patronage…”
  • “We know our customers are the basis of our success…”

Be specificCustomer Christmas Messages Seasons Greeting Card

How have your customers helped you over the course of the year? Has your business grown? Has the company recovered from a difficult time? You don’t want to drop a load of unnecessary information on your customers during the holiday season, but it’s quite all right to provide customers with some insight into how exactly they have benefitted your company over the past year. As a new business that has had a successful first year, consider a message such as –

“With deepest appreciation for trusting us with your business, we look forward to serving you in the future.”

While greeting cards may be the most common means of conveying a business Christmas message, keep in mind that there are also plenty of options for sending holiday greetings. At PaperDirect, we have a wide variety of greeting cards, Christmas note cards, Christmas postcards, Christmas stationery, Christmas newsletters and more to help you capture your message in a distinctive, unforgettable way.