Invitation Wording for Business Christmas Parties

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

When you are creating invitations for a business Christmas party, you want something that is visually appealing and has business Christmas invitation wording that will encourage employees to attend. If you include only the date, time, and place, the invitations are not that “inviting” and employees may decide to skip out on your corporate party. The wording should entice employees to attend your Christmas party.

If you are giving away door prizes or having a raffle drawing, include that information on the invitation. If you are including a meal at the Christmas party, be sure to include information about the meal and any options they have. Some companies like to have their parties at restaurants; if the menu is limited, you may want to include the menu choices on the invitation.

Other information you should include on the invitation is whether dress is formal, business, or casual. If people know what to expect, they are more willing to attend. When you leave out that information, some may not attend because they are afraid to show up in formal wear when the setting is casual.

Before you choose your invitations, plan the entire Christmas party first. This way, you’ll know how much space you’ll need for your business Christmas invitation wording and can purchase great-looking Christmas invitations that have enough room for your wording. You can choose from several types; including flat, folded, casual, layered, and more. The type should depend on the type of party you are throwing in addition to how much space you need for wording.

Invitation Wording Example:

Depending on how formal an occasion you are planning, your wording may look something like this:

  • With the holiday season upon us
  • It’s that time of year
  • For some holiday cheer
  • You are cordially invited
  • To spend a festive evening
  • ‘Tis the season to wine and dine
  • Whether the season is naughty or nice, we’ll have a cold one chilling on ice
  • Celebrate good times, come on to our annual Christmas celebration
  • Christmas comes but once a year, please join us for some holiday cheer

On an invitation with multiple panels, you should let the employees know what activities will be held at the Christmas party and, if it is a dinner, what is on the menu if the menu is limited. You should also include whether alcohol will be available and whether the employees will be purchasing their own drinks or if the company is providing drinks.

Writing an invitation that is inviting and informs your employees of the activities, food, and dress will encourage them to attend the party and make it a success.

Good luck – and we hope your company Christmas party is as a memorable occasion!