How to Improve Your Business Communication Skills in 30 Days

Designing Your Business Communication

Business communication is tricky. Whether it is B2B or B2 community, effective communication enables a small business to build trust and earn respect; it creates a productive work environment where creativity and problem solving can flourish. But here is the thing: despite the fact you are conducting business in the information age, an age where messages are sent, received, and processed at the speed of light, much of what you try to communicate to others is misunderstood. If you want to better connect with clients and businesses, you need to learn how to improve business communication skills.

1. Text messages, emoticons, and “likes” –in the age of instant communication and 140-character tweets, formal writing is falling by the wayside. Formal writing, however, is key to good business communication. Whether you are writing an article, preparing a report or giving a presentation, good vocabulary, grammar, and word context will enable you to get your message across.

2. Business isn’t just what product or service you are selling; it is the presentation of that product or service. There is a visual aspect to communication that should not be taken for granted. If you want clients and businesses to pay attention to your brand, then you need the right displays, boards, flyers, and mailers. Envelopes and letterheads say a great deal about your business, so make a good first impression when it comes to formal communications.

3. Yes, the bottom line is important. However, forging positive and meaningful relationships with clients and companies is the heart of good business. So how do you forge those relationships? You listen. Communication is a two-way street, and in order for it to be effective, you need to understand and empathize with what the other party is telling you.

4. There are numerous online communication tools at your fingertips. For example, Hootsuite enables you to manage your social media campaign by scheduling daily posts, tweets, and messages. Do you need to streamline your email marketing system? MailChimp makes it easier to create, edit, and manage email campaigns and newsletters. Finally, a conferencing tool like Skype is perfect for new contacts or conducting international business.

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