How to Motivate Employees without Money

Employee Recognition Ideas

Perpetual Award Plaque by PaperDirectIt’s no secret that one of the best ways to motivate employees is by using some sort of incentive. For many employers, this incentive is some sort of monetary amount. After all, nothing quite lights the fire in an employee like knowing that he or she has the potential to add to their earnings.

But let’s face it – times are still tough and there might not be any wiggle room left in the annual budget to allocate these additional bonus dollars for deserving employees. So what can you do to show employees that you appreciate their hard work, yet not have your efforts be scoffed at by the hard working people that are helping you run your business?

Here’s a look at some ways on how to motivate employees without money:

  • Award certificates: A certificate is a valuable keepsake that can really show an Tracery Gold Certificate by PaperDirectemployee how much you care. Consider awarding such certificates for employee of the month, perfect attendance and more. You might even consider framing the certificate for the employee to help dress it up and make it an even more valuable keepsake.
  • Verbal praise: Sometimes the greatest motivator is as simple as praising the employee, whether it be in front of their peers at a weekly or monthly staff meeting or in an e-mail newsletter that goes out to the whole company. Being praised shows an employee how much they are appreciated.
  • Take an employee out to lunch: Another cost-effective way to show an employee how much they’re appreciated is simply to take that worker out to lunch, unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.
  • Bonus vacation days: If money isn’t a viable option for rewarding employees, other things that don’t necessarily factor into the bottom line quite as much might be – like bonus vacation days. So don’t be afraid to dish out another personal day or two to a qualified employee in lieu of a bonus. To many employees, more time off is just about as good as a pay bonus.
  • Premium parking spot: In every office lot, there’s always those spots that are closest to the door or in a covered garage. These spots are typically cherished, as they’re close to the door and offer more protection from any weather elements compared to other spots in the lot. Offer special parking privileges in these spots to employees that qualify.