Would you Ever Send a Client a Thanksgiving Card?

Designing Your Business Communication

Thanksgiving Card

Everyone loves Christmas, and your clients appreciate the sentiment behind your Christmas cards. But let’s face it- Christmas has been hogging the attention for far too long! There’s a perfectly good holiday mere days before December, and it’s getting the short end of the stick. You may know it as Christmas: Part 1; in more innocent times it was known as Thanksgiving.

We aim to take back Thanksgiving, and the first tool in our arsenal is the innocuous yet powerful Thanksgiving card. In a world saturated with Christmas hullabaloo, it’s a secret weapon for winning loyalty and sending a sterling impression.

Skeptical? After years of relentless yuletides, we wouldn’t blame you. So take just a moment and let us show you why the Thanksgiving card is the new Christmas card!

Something They Will See!

We’ve all seen so many Christmas cards that we’re becoming inured to them. Every trope, illustration, color scheme, and font feels like something we see like clockwork. Frankly, Christmas has become something of a routine.

The great thing about giving Thanksgiving cards is their unexpectedness, and that means people will really look at them. It’s a great moment to show off your company’s distinctive qualities and have them stick in your clients’ minds.  

Guileless Greetings

Let’s be honest- Christmas has a huge agenda. The relentless complaint is how commercial it’s become, and not without reason. Companies spend months crafting their holiday campaigns because their success or failure literally rests on a single month! And while that hustle is necessary and justified, the oversaturation of commerce burns people out. People just like your clients…

On the other hand, Thanksgiving isn’t trying to profit from anything. Its whole agenda is to celebrate blessings and the people who make them possible. Once again, people just like your clients…

When you send a Thanksgiving card, you’re telling your clients “I’m stronger because of you.” That’s a message that will resonate with them well past the holidays.

Freedom of Expression

So what does a Thanksgiving card look like? That’s just the thing- it’s an undiscovered country!

While Christmas may have become bogged down in the same tried-and-true forms, Thanksgiving cards are a perfect canvas for experimentation. It’s fine to rely conventional symbols- autumn colors, turkeys, and cornucopias. But if you’re feeling more jaunty and artistic, it can be an excellent opportunity to give your gratitude some creative expression. There are a million things to be thankful for, and there should be a million ways of illustrating it.  

With such an untested medium, the prospect of finding your own style may seem overwhelming. Just relax and reach out! Paper Direct is here to walk you through every step of the process. Whether your tastes run to traditional imagery or a more custom look, we have everything you need to make giving thanks its own reward!