Invitation Wording for A Christian Wedding

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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Your invitation wording is very important because it must convey the thoughts and feelings that you and your future spouse hold true. Also, the wording on your wedding invitation is something that requires thought regarding your guests because the invitation is the first impression they will have of your wedding, and many people keep the wedding invitation as a souvenir….

Wedding Program Wording: What to Include

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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Wedding programs are incredibly unique–the layout, the adornments, and the content for every wedding program is different. And since many people keep wedding programs as a “souvenir” of the special day, it’s important to have a beautifully crafted, professionally worded wedding program. If you have been struggling with wedding program wording, we have some tips for you that will help…

Honor Roll Certificates for Student Recognition

Student Recognition Ideas

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An honor roll certificate provides students of all ages a sense of accomplishment, and awards can be great motivators to continue to do good work. Honor roll certificates for student recognition are inexpensive, easy to create, and greatly appreciated by the recipient. PaperDirect has an extensive line of casual certificates that can be used for all types of student recognition…

Do-It-Yourself Certificate Tips

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Certificates are an excellent means of recognizing someone’s good work, improved academic standing, superb attendance, work promotion, retirement or any other type of achievement you can think of. Designing and wording your own award certificates is a great way to save money, expend creative energy and make someone feel good all with one piece of paper and a few minutes…

Proper Wording for Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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Writing thank you notes after your wedding is a must. Even in this world where most correspondence is done electronically, when it comes to thanking your guests for the wedding presents you received, nothing but a handwritten thank you card is acceptable. An email, voicemail, and especially a text message saying “thank you” for the gift are all simply unacceptable….

Examples of Wedding Card Thank You Note Wording

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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When you just have just a few short sentences to express your gratitude for a generous gift, you want to make sure the wording of your wedding thank you note is spot on. Don’t get hung up on the length of your wedding thank you note. You can say what you have to say in just a few sentences, and…

Diploma Wording & Style Made Easy

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Graduation ceremonies are not just any celebration. Graduation day is a moment that students will cherish for the rest of their lives and only happens once in a lifetime. Whether the graduation is from middle school, high school, or college, you want to make sure the diploma wording is correct and professional. Finding the proper college graduation diploma wording, style, and…

Tips on Holiday Invitation Wording

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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Sometimes it’s more important how you say something than what you say. When it comes to invites,  holiday invitation wording is just as important (if not more so) than the invitation’s design. Wording holiday invitations properly will pack the house and put everyone in the holiday spirit. Tips for Wording: Keep it Affiliate-Free It’s important to keep your audience in…

Need Help With Graduation Invitations Wording? Start Here

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When it comes time for graduation, friends and family alike want to be a part of the celebration. Being able to watch your friend or relative walk across the stage at Commencement and receive a diploma is one of the proudest times you’ll ever experience. Having great graduation invitations to send out not only gives the invitees the information they…

Wedding Menu Cards Wording Suggestions

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After the wedding, especially top end weddings, the reception is generally catered. Caterers at these weddings pull out all the stops to provide a wide variety of beverages, meals, and desserts for the guests. Many times there is a full evening including hors d’oeuvres, a three course meal, and dessert afterwards. Guests at receptions of this caliber are generally seated…

Stand out: Create a Unique Wedding Program

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When it comes to weddings, you want everything to be perfect. Not only that, but you want it to be unique as well. You don’t want your wedding to be like your friend’s wedding or like your sister’s wedding either. So finding ways to make your wedding stand out from the rest takes special planning. All details have to be…

Wedding Invitations – Response Cards and Their Wording

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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Weddings take a ton of planning and making changes to plans in order to have the wedding come off exactly the way the bride wants it to. This means attention has to be paid to every detail along the way. Perhaps the most important part of the wedding planning is the invitation because that is often the first indication to…

Wedding Invitation Wording for Military Titles

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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When writing military wedding invitations, many of the same etiquette rules apply as in general or non-military weddings. The difference however, is in the use of military titles. While some brides who are in the military choose to omit mention of military titles in their wedding invitation wording, it is also perfectly acceptable to include her military title in the…

Wedding Invitations Etiquette & Wording

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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The Value of Following Wedding Etiquette Whether you are planning a small, informal wedding or an extravagant event, you will want to make sure that you start your marriage  on the right foot with your extended family. Wedding etiquette helps guide a bride and groom and provides an assurance you have done your best to properly acknowledged important parties and…

Wedding Invitation Wording for Complex Relationships

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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When it comes to wedding invitation wording, ensuring all the aspects of a relationship are covered is important. Knowing how, or whom to include can sometimes be difficult. However, since weddings are such special occasions, it is important to use the opportunity to honor important people in your life. Even in difficult situations, following etiquette can not only help family…

Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

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Weddings are a momentous occasion that most people hope to share with friends and family. No matter the type of wedding, or where it is held, it is important that we follow wedding invitation etiquette to properly honor the hosts and or parents. How an invitation is written gives guests important cues on relationship dynamics and helps them to avoid…

Writing Wedding Invitations

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Writing wedding invitations is one of the first and most important tasks you do for your wedding. After choosing a wedding invitation style that best reflects the style of your wedding, the next step is to match the style of the wording to the style of the invitation. Even in very casual weddings, it is important to adhere to proper…

Successful Wedding Tips: Wedding Thank-You Note Etiquette

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Thank You Notes Etiquette & Wording Wedding etiquette has just as many little details as etiquette for any other occasion. In order to adhere to all of these details, understanding the nuances of why you have to follow them helps to understand what to do. Wedding thank you etiquette is no different, and here are the basics of the procedures…