Wedding Invitation Wording for Military Titles

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

When writing military wedding invitations, many of the same etiquette rules apply as in general or non-military weddings. The difference however, is in the use of military titles. While some brides who are in the military choose to omit mention of military titles in their wedding invitation wording, it is also perfectly acceptable to include her military title in the military invitation wording. In a military wedding the bride/groom’s rank and service is used as well as that of their parents. For enlisted military personnel, rank is omitted. Military titles should also never be abbreviated.

For brides and grooms who are members of the armed forces, the following formats apply for military wedding invitation wording.

Commander and Higher
Commander Steven James Smith
United States Navy

Lieutenant Commander and Below
Steven James Smith
Ensign, United States Navy

Petty Officers and Seamen
Steven James Smith
United States Navy

Captain and Higher
Captain Jane Marie Jones
United States Army

Jane Marie Jones
Lieutenant, United States Air Force

Noncoms and Privates
Jane Marie Jones
United States Marines


Regardless of rank, military weddings are amazing occasions that be celebrated and respected. Using the correct wording for your military wedding invitations will help set the tone for the entire event. Use the above tips to do it correctly. Still have more questions? We recommend this site to address any further concerns. Congratulations! We wish all military brides/grooms-to-be many happy years together.