Great Party Tips – Party Invite Wording Ideas

Designing Your Invitation

Ready for some great party tips, start with great party invite wording. Parties are all designed to celebrate something. Birthday parties, Christmas and New Year’s parties and even Halloween or Employee Recognition parties are all designed to celebrate accomplishments or to commemorate a special occasion. When you’re planning your parties, one of the key elements to almost all of them is invitations. And while that would seem to be the easiest part of the party to plan, they can actually be the main reason a party is a success or failure.

All too often, people don’t apply any real thought when it comes to invitation wording ideas. They’ll simply put a time and date of when the event is, and maybe add an RSVP if they have to know the number of people coming for reservations purposes. But putting some brain power into how you word the invitations can actually make your party a real must-see event.

Granted, you do need the time and date on the invite, as well as the location of where it’ll be. And if you are having to reserve tables at a restaurant or other facility that needs a reasonably accurate head count, that needs to be in there too. But that doesn’t mean your invitation has to read as dry as the Sahara Desert during a drought. On the contrary, while that style of delivery does ensure the facts stand out, it doesn’t encourage the invitee to participate.

When it comes to fun parties and celebrations, having a fun invitation sets the tone. Having a humorous patter to your invites encourages people to expect a fun, entertaining party. If you’re planning a celebration specific to an event, using words that encourage that theme and concept will set the tone. While a certain amount of expectations can be set with the kind of card you send, it’s the words and concepts delivered with the wording that will ultimately have the most impact on how the party starts, and ultimately progresses.

Choosing the wording for your invitations may not seem like it’s a very important thing to do, but it can make all the difference when it comes to how people expect your party to be.