College Graduation Diploma Wording & Style Made Easy

How to Design Certificates

Graduation ceremonies are not just any celebration. Your graduation day is a moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life and only happens once in a lifetime. Whether the graduation is from middle school, high school, or college, you want to make sure the diploma wording is correct and professional.

Finding the proper college graduation diploma wording and style can be challenging. You want to convey the thoughts and emotions of the day in just the right way with the right tone and proper message.

(Include a picture of a diploma and use this key below to indicate what each number represents in the graphic of the diploma)

1.  Your school name is arched across the top of the diploma in Gothic-style font

2.  This line can be used for the city and state of the school, or for a school motto

3.  The student’s name on this sample is shown in hand calligraphy. Or you can use the same font as the school name.

4.  Choose the wording for the center line of the diploma. You may select “College Preparatory Course,” “Honors Course of Study,” or whatever fits the particular student.

5.  Include a saying something like this, “He is thereby granted this high school diploma and is entitled to all the rights and privileges which pertain thereto. Dated fifth day of June two thousand twelve.Graduation Embossed Seals

6.  Must include signatures and the titles beneath the signatures. Can have one on either side of the seal, which will be in the middle of the diploma at the bottom.

7.  Engraved seal (bottom, middle of the diploma)