Best Christmas Card Messages for Small Businesses

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Snowy Day Deluxe Holiday Greeting Card by PaperDirectChristmas is almost here, and with it, a rush of holiday greetings. As a business leader, it’s in your best interest to send a brief note to any important contacts, including clients, vendors and industry associates.

When crafted correctly, Christmas correspondence offers these contacts a great reminder of your presence in the business community, while also bolstering their impression of your company. However, a poorly-written business Christmas card can have the exact opposite effect, which is why you want to put your best effort into writing an interesting and relevant Christmas letter.

Write A Touching, But Succinct Message

Your typical business leader wades through dozens of Christmas cards, at minimum. Going through these can be exhausting, particularly if each sender chooses to include a lengthy recap of every single happening from the past year. Here are some simple messages to start you off:

your family (1)

your family



Keep your business Christmas card messages on point by highlighting one or two significant developments, before moving on to the reason for the season. Ultimately, your business talk should be sandwiched with holiday language, beginning with a Christmas-related greeting and ending with your best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Feel free to add a personalized note if you’re on close speaking terms with the client — this can reinforce the notion that, yes, you really do care, and no, this is not a mere form letter.

Choosing The Right CardShimmering Votives Holiday NoteCards by PaperDirect

What tone are you hoping to infuse into your Christmas message? Are you looking to joke around in a light-hearted manner? Or is a more religious overtone more appropriate in your situation?

Either way, the card you choose can make or break the overall message, no matter how well you craft the written content.

As you browse through the vast selection of Christmas note cards from PaperDirect, be sure to choose an exterior that actually reflects the overarching concept. Thus, a jokey note will work nicely with a Santa card, while images of candles or ornaments better reflect a more serious message.

Don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating the power of a well-crafted Christmas card. Whether you’re reconnecting with old clients or hoping to strengthen a more recent connections, the perfect business card will set you on a straight course towards success in the new year. Take your time as you draft an appropriate holiday message, for the ensuing impression could make or break your client relations.