The 15 Most Creative Employee Recognition Categories

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creative employee recognition categories

Creative employee recognition categories make the people who work for your organization feel truly appreciated. They show that you have thought about each person’s contributions and chosen to recognize the unique benefit they bring to the company. Awards are also a great way to boost morale among your employees. Here are 15 creative employee recognition categories for your next awards ceremony:

Creative employee recognition categories

Excellence in Humor and Entertainment
An award for the person who keeps morale high and makes people look forward to a day at the office.

Outside the Box Thinker: 
Recognize the people who look at a problem and see a different solution.

Use sanitizer as a funny healthy prize!

Healthy Living Promoter: 
Got an employee who encourages walks during lunch and morning stretches? Give an award certificate to recognize their contribution to employees’ health.

Outstanding Innovator: 
Have someone on your team who comes up with great new ideas? Make it known with an innovator award.

Excellence in Organization: 
This worker knows where everything is and keeps it where you can find it, saving you time and money.

Outstanding Memory Award: 
An award for the person who always knows where to find little-used tools and files and saves your organization time.

Office Lunch Expert: 
For the one who knows the best places to eat and enriches the working day.

Outstanding Philanthropist: 
Show your appreciation for the charitable work he or she does.

The Risk Taker: 
Reward those fearless enough to take your team in a new direction.

The Asker of Good Questions: 
Those who seek clarity help us all become more effective.

The Human Handbook: 
Is there one person who always seems to be up on policy, style guides, and rules? Reward this employee’s diligence.

Marvelous Multitasker: 
Show how much you value their abilities to keep the plates spinning!

Calm in the Eye of the Storm: 
Show how much you appreciate this person’s resilience when things are hectic.

The Behind the Scenes Wonder: 
Recognize someone whose quiet daily management makes everything go smoothly for everyone else.

The Encouraging Word Award: 
This is for the employee who recognizes others’ strengths and lets them know when they are doing a great job.

Rookie of the Year: 
Have an outstanding new addition to your team? Reward them with Rookie of the Year.

Mr/Ms. Congeniality: 
If there is someone in the office that deserves recognition for being kind, reward them.

Pop Culture Pro: 
This award is for the person that is always up to date on the latest shows, trends, and technology.

Last Words

While some categories are fanciful and others more serious, all are heartfelt and sure to be appreciated. Make your recognition awards count with certificates from PaperDirect that your employees will be proud to display.