Customer Loyalty Ideas

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

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Getting customers and keeping them is the key to your business’ success.  So how do you retain costumers?  Here are a few ideas that will help ensure customer loyalty: Have great customer service, no one wants to deal with bad service Keep in touch through emails and social media Set up a loyalty program-this could include free product or great…

How to Conduct a Mail-In Survey

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

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One level of marketing means getting feedback on various aspects of the business. Being able to poll customers about the quality of products and service will enable you to see where areas of improvement are so you can have an even more effective business. But finding the best way to conduct a mail-in survey can be a problem if you’ve…

How To Set Up A Loyalty Program

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

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In today’s tough economic times, companies are always trying to find ways to keep customers loyal. Regardless of how strong your branding is or how broad based the corporate reach is.  There are times when keeping a customer loyal is a difficult thing to do. That’s why developing an effective loyalty program is essential to maintain the customer base required to…

Who Are My Best Customers And How Do I Keep Them?

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

While small businesses can usually point to one or two customers and state “This is my best customer”, more often than not, especially as businesses grow, there are lots of “Best customers”. This means we have to put forth a lot of time and effort into making sure these customers are taken care of. But how do you define exactly…

5 Critical Steps for a Great Customer Mailing

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Virtually every day we receive some type of mail from one vendor or another clamoring for our business. Sometimes, the volume of mail we get can be truly amazing at times, especially around the holiday season. So when it comes time for us to put together a customer mailing, we want it to stand out and be unique. That way…