Business Holiday Cards Do’s and Don’ts

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Ribbon and Crystals Deluxe Holiday Greeting CardSome business owners struggle with the idea of sending customers and clients holiday cards.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to send your customers and clients cards this holiday season, we advise you to do so.

Not only are holiday cards a tradition but sending one lets your customers know that they’re important to you.

One thing to keep in mind when sending holiday cards to clients is to remember that not everyone shares your religion. If you don’t know all of your c’ religious affiliation, it’s best to send a neutral “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.” If you do know the religion of your employees, then you can choose cards appropriate for each of your coworker’s religion. While this may require more time and maybe even more money, your customers will know that you care enough to go the extra mile and send a card that fits their religious background.

Do send only business holiday cards that are of high quality.

Sending cheap Christmas cards will make you look cheap, so buy the best holiday cards you can afford to send.

Do send handmade Christmas cards if you are in the art business, but sending handmade Christmas cards just to save you a few bucks will also make you look cheap.

Don’t Send Funny or Edgy Christmas Cards

While you may find Christmas cards with some type of risque saying or picture funny, the recipients of the card may be offended. Keep the cards festive and clean. Stick with traditional themes and sayings to make the best impression on the recipients as possible.

Do include a personal, hand-written message above your signature.

This personal touch is very important. Also: Do place your company information below your signature.

Majestic Tree Greeting CardsDon’t stamp your signature.

This is impersonal and shows lack of effort on your part. You want to make your client feel special, and an impersonal signature stamp may make the recipient feel as though you could not even take the time to sign your name.

Do include a business card

Only do this if you include a personal, handwritten message also. Simply placing your business card inside the holiday card will appear as though you only care getting more business from the recipient.

Unless you send out hundreds of holiday cards, don’t use computer-generated address labels as this looks tacky and appears as though you have mass mailed out your cards, which is impersonal. If you are sending hundreds of thousands of cards out, computer-generated labels are OK but should still be avoided, if possible. Handwriting the address of the recipient is personal and warm.

Don’t send business holiday cards to the home address.

…unless you know the person in a social way. If you send the holiday card to the recipient’s home address, be sure to include the spouse’s name in the address (if there is a spouse or partner).

Do use titles when addressing the recipients.

For instance, “Dr. and Mrs. Brian Taylor is more appropriate than “Brian and Carol Taylor.” If you are sending a card to a couple with different last names, be sure to address the envelope and greeting as such. For instance, “Dr. Michael Thompson and Ms. Linda Arnold.” Traditionally, the man’s name comes first in the address if the couple is married and if not married, put the names in alphabetical order: “Ms. Linda Arnold and Dr. Michael Thompson.”

Do send your business holiday cards in time

December fifteenth is the standard cut-off date for cards to arrive on time in the states. If you’re sending cards internationally, you should send them much earlier than those going to U.S. addresses.

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