Corporate Holiday Messages to Employees

Employee Recognition Ideas

Corporate Holiday Messages

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s almost time to express thanks for all your employees’ hard work over the previous year. While you’re likely thinking of giving them a bonus or some other token of your gratitude, don’t underestimate a personal note that expresses your gratitude and deepens your employer-employee relationship.

If you’re looking to thank your employees for a year of hard work this holiday season, but you’re coming up short on what to tell them, then let some of these suggestions help grease the creative wheels.

Happy Holidays From the Jerk Who Bothers You Five Days a Week

You may not actually be a tough boss, but there’s no harm in poking a little fun at the image that a lot of bosses have nationwide. On the off chance someone actually agrees with you, they’ll still give you points for poking fun at yourself.

Wishing You the Happiest of Holidays and Thanks for a Hard Year’s Work

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. It’s very possible to overthink your message to your employees, which can lead you to some pretty convoluted season’s greetings. Your employees just want to know that you notice and appreciate their hard work; sometimes the best course of action is to say exactly that.

For All You’ve Done All Year Long, Thanks Doesn’t Seem to Be Enough … But That’s All You’re Going to Get

This one is a bit of a dice roll, but if you have an employee or two with a wry sense of humor, they might really appreciate this sentiment … especially if you’re padding it with a $15 to $20 gift certificate or trinket.

The Holidays May Not Last a Long Time, But at Least You’re Not Here!

It’s okay to jokingly acknowledge the fact that your employees may very well have lives outside the office. As the boss, you might be super invested in your job, but it’s possible that a lot of your employees prioritize their friends and family above being in a cubicle. If you’re willing to acknowledge that you understand that fact, it’ll go a long way.

Seasons Greetings to an Invaluable Member of the Team

Another serious angle, this one is really buoyed by adding a specific trait you appreciate about the employee or giving a specific compliment on a previously completed project. The real key to making a “serious” thank you work is to inject a little specificity into the message. It doesn’t need to be super precise, but it should be tailored to your specific audience.

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